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The festival in pictures

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Mo'Some Big Noise by Peter Bennett DSC01297 Netsayi from Zimbabwe-UK by Masoud Khamis PICT0150 Netsayi from Zimbabwe-UK by Peter Bennett DSC01105 Qasida Swiffat Nabawiyyatul by Peter Bennett DSC00542
Shailja Patel by Masoud Khamis PICT0185 Shirikisho Sanaa by Masoud Khamis PICT0014 Swahili Encounters Group by Masoud Khamis 2 PICT0109 Swahili Encounters Group by Masoud Khamis 2 PICT0119
Tamarind Band by Masoud Khamis PICT0274a The Collaboration from Zimbabwe by Peter Bennett DSC01432 The Collaboration from Zimbabwe came with a juggler by Peter Bennett DSC01454 Zemkala by Masoud Khamis 2 PICT0257