Artist: Asia Madani

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Sudan Egypt


roots traditional spiritual



Sauti za Busara 2019


Al Zoul, 2018

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Asia Madani is a Sudanese vocalist and percussionist based in Cairo, Egypt. Performing traditional Sudanese folklore as well as music from various African regions, Asia has made her mark worldwide.

Her music reflects pride in her heritage as an African and as a strong woman with a voice that is magical and, at the same time, fierce. She is also a specialist at performing Zar, which is a healing ritual consisting of complex rhythms, voice and dance used as psychological treatment. 

Asia started her musical journey at a young age, surrounded by music with a father who played oud and brother, who is a professional percussionist. Asia moved to Egypt in 2001 and has become a prominent figure in Egypt’s music scene, performing at venues such as the Cairo Opera House, Salah El-Din Castle, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Damanhur Opera House, Darb 1718, Cairo Jazz Club and many more.

In 2015, Asia joined the Nile Project, a collective of over 30 musicians from the Nile Basin countries that aim to inspire, inform and connect citizens who live in countries along the River Nile. She participated in the 2016 Africa Tour, 2017 US Tour and 2017 Europe Tour.

In addition to her music, Asia plays a significant role in the community, volunteering at St. Andrew’s Refugee Services, the Italian and German Churches. She teaches music, rhythms and dance to refugee children from various African countries. She also founded a children’s choir for children in the Sudanese community. Asia Madani sends messages through her artistic work and has taken part in several albums including The Nile Project’s third album, Tana. In 2018, she produced her first studio album, Al Zoul. 

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