Artist: Sami Dan & Zewd Band

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roots reggae



Sauti za Busara 2017


Kerase Gar Negeger, 2016

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Samuel Berhanu, stage name Sami Dan, is an engineer by profession, but music has been his passion for as long as he can remember.

Sami Dan’s music career began when he was in high school, writing songs and playing in bands . He joined Hasset Acoustic Band for 3 years and spent another year with Sydney Solomon’s Imperial Majestic Band.

In 2014, Sami Dan formed Zewd Acoustic Band and released a four song promotional CD. His singles Anchi Yene and Shegitu earned ample airplay and online views. The band has played in the major festivals of Addis Ababa, at corporate events, hotels and night clubs.

Sami Dan’s debut reggae album Kerase Gar Negeger features 13 tracks. He sings about different topics: love, unity, peace, humanity, spirituality and happiness. With his exceptional song writing skills, groovy melodies and authentic arrangements, Sami Dan was nominated for several Ethiopian music awards during 2016.

With no doubt, Sami Dan is on a speedy rise to international stardom!

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