Artist: SinaUbi & Zawose Spirit Group

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acoustic traditional roots fusion



Sauti za Busara 2020

On stage
Feb 2020

Sun 16,  10:10pm Amphitheatre


Wichimaje, 2019

Kwa kiswahili bofya hapa>>>

Dr Hukwe Ubi Zawose, one of Tanzania’s music legends who spent much of his life touring the world, died suddenly in 2003. The legacy of his musical dynasty lives on.

SinaUbi & Zawose Spirit Group create the bridge connecting past and present generations, delivering a new and unique blend of traditional and contemporary Gogo music and dance, with powerful messages sung in Swahili and Gogo dialects.

Sina Ubi Zawose started playing traditional ngoma and dancing at the age of ten. His father Lukas Ubi Zawose, a younger brother of Dr Hukwe didn't want his son to give up his secular education, however SinaUbi maintained their music and rhythms ran in his veins, so he continued playing secretly for many years.

In 2014, SinaUbi joined the National Institute of Art and Music in Bagamoyo, where he was selected Best Traditional Performing Artist by the Bagamoyo Council in 2017. Together with his father, the same year they decided to create the Zawose Spirit Group and to continue honouring their rich and unique cultural heritage.

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