Artist: Nfithe

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band fusion roots


Sauti za Busara 2008

Nfithe features eight talented young musicians from Beira in northern Mozambique. The band was started in 2002. Nfithe (meaning "The Witchdoctors") is inspired by its African traditions yet creates a new, original, modern music that invites the audience to dance.

The line up includes guitar, keyboard, vocals, drums and percussion.

The lyrics in the songs reflect the band's everyday preoccupations: HIV/Aids, famine and war. Nfithe were the national prize winners of the Music Crossroads Festival 2006 in Maputo and have been representing their region with great success in Music Crossroads events in Mozambique, as well as at ACP Festival in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic during October 2006. In summer 2007 they were invited to The Netherlands for a three week tour.

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