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Sauti za Busara 2006

2006 Highlights

The 2006 festival was in Stone Town, Zanzibar, February 9th-12th 2006 and Kendwa beach, north coast, February 14th 2006.

It showcased a rich and dynamic programme including ngoma traditional music, taarab, kidumbak, rumba 'muziki wa dansi', mchiriku, Swahili hiphop 'bongo flava', Afropop fusions, mystic and religious music, theatre, comedy, acrobatics and dance. There were over thirty groups from the Swahili-speaking region: Zanzibar, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Burundi, plus six specially selected groups from Swaziland, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Burkina Faso and Europe.

Artists appearing included Ferooz (bongo flava megastar), Mchinga Sound (muziki wa dansi), Jagwa Music (mchiriku from Dar es Salaam - favourites at WOMEX UK 2005!), Lady Jaydee (with live band), Culture Musical Club (Zanzibar taarab), Sinachuki Kidumbak, Bi Kidude msondo group, Black Roots (Zanzibar), Mkalimala Culture Group (traditional music from Mtwara), Taffetas (kora fusion from Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau & Europe), Black Roses (Swaziland), Ukoo Flani MauMau (Nairobi hiphop), New Sound Band (Burundi), Atongo Zimba (Ghana) and The Shrine Synchrosystem featuring DJs Rita & Max from London, performing live with musicians and rappers from West and East Africa.

For a full report with pictures have a look at our "Eye witness report".

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