8 - 11 February 2018

2018 Line-up Announced

Flying the "Africa United" flag, this year's festival will feature 400 artists (40 groups) performing live on three stages:

Kasai Allstars (DRC)  Zakes Bantwini (South Africa)  Somi (Uganda / USA)  Saida Karoli (Tanzania)  Msafiri Zawose (Tanzania)  Ribab Fusion (Morocco)  Kidum & the Boda Boda Band (Burundi / Kenya)  Mlimani Park Orchestra (Tanzania)  Mohamed Ilyas & Nyota Zameremeta (Zanzibar)  Matona's Cultural Band (Zanzibar / Tanzania)  Makadem (Kenya)  Diana Samkange ‘MaNgwenya’ (Zimbabwe)  Fatma Zidan (Egypt / Denmark)  Inganzo Ngari (Rwanda)  Mzungu Kichaa (Tanzania / Denmark)  Segere Original (Tanzania)  Simangavole (Reunion)  Maia & the Big Sky (Kenya)  El Dey (Algeria)  Maulidi ya Homu ya Mtendeni (Zanzibar)  Simbin Project (Senegal / Switzerland)  CAC Fusion (Tanzania)  Mbanaye (Malawi)  Ernest Ikwanga (Malawi)  Isack Abeneko (Tanzania)  Grace Matata (Tanzania)  Safi Theatre (Tanzania)  Siti & the Band (Zanzibar)  Mapanya Band (Zanzibar)  Zanzibar Taarab Ensemble (Zanzibar)    and more

The festival is 100% live, proudly showcasing quality, originality and innovation, with priority for young and emerging artists and music with cultural identity.

Latest Media Coverage (see more media coverage here)

  • Bongo News

    Early call from Sauti za Busara

    By Paul Owere , 27 April 2018

    The 2019 edition of the Sauti za Busara is some 10 months away and organisers have already announced the call for artistes for the prestigious annual festival. Billed as the best East African festival, the extravaganza this year attracted over 10,000 revellers from across the world making the month of February a high tourist season on the Spice Isles.... read more

  • Bongo News

    Call for applications: Sauti za Busara 2019

    by Music in Africa, 11 April 2018

    The organisers of Sauti za Busara festival are calling on performing artists whose music is connected to Africa to apply for the event scheduled to take place in Stone Town, Zanzibar, from 7 to 10 February 2019 ... read more

The Citizen

    Is this a new dawn at Sauti za Busara?

    by The Citizen, 30 March 2018

    The 2018 edition of the Sauti za Busara festival in Zanzibar was dubbed by organisers as one of their best, drawing over 10,000 attendances at the Old Fort in Stone Town. The ATM machines across town perhaps tell a better story as they were all empty by Saturday morning given the amount of withdrawals that were made on Friday night... read more

The Citizen

    How far will Emerson’s vision take Zanzibar music?

    by The Citizen, 23 February 2018

    At a time when music awards in Tanzania have taken a long-term hiatus, hearing of any award that targets musicians is something that’s greeted both with joy and a bit of uncertainty. Recently in Zanzibar, a beacon of light was left gleaming as the Sauti za Busara festivities came to a close ... read more

Global Voices

    At Zanzibar’s Sauti za Busara Festival, Music Professionals Ask: Can One Song Really Change the World?

    by Amanda Lichtenstein, Global Voices, 20 February 2018

    As part of the festival, the daily networking series Movers & Shakers invited industry stakeholders to the table for three days of dialogue related to music on the continent. The first day featured a conversation on “music for change” moderated by festival director Yusuf Mahmoud, who opened the session by posing the question, “Can one song really change the world?” ... read more

  • Latest Media Coverage (see more media coverage here)


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