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Networking Forum

movers and shakers

Sauti za Busara attracts music professionals from Dar to Dakar, and Movers and Shakers provides a place for them to get together, share information, exchange ideas, and network. The forum takes place each afternoon of the festival and provides the perfect opportunity for artists, managers, media and related professionals to connect. Sessions are free and open to invited individuals.

During this 11th edition of the Festival, we’ll discuss the importance of forging partnerships, especially in the arts, freedom of expression, and more.If you are a musician, manager, promoter, festival organiser, journalist, or another type of music professional, and would like to participate in Movers & Shakers, then please mail to request an invitation.

Time: 2 - 4pm
Venue: Monsoon Restaurant

Thu 13: Building Appreciation for African Music

In this session we share information on how to increase audiences, discussing the visibility of festivals and issues of accessibility.

Fri 14: Freedom of Speech, Censorship, and Music: Focus on the Media

This year we continue on last year’s most popular M&S session with the important topic of Freedom of Speech and Censorship in the arts. We focus especially on the media’s role in bringing attention to artists with a message. How can arts journalists help combat censorship and promote freedom of expression for musicians? What can musicians and other cultural operators do to make sure they are getting their messages to the media? Hear from a handful of artists, journalists, festival organizers, and managers who have ideas and comments on how to draw the media spotlight to artists who are speaking out.

Sat 15: Networking in the Arts: The Value of Forging Strong Partnerships

Sauti za Busara would be unable to function without its wonderful partners. The same holds true for most (if not all) arts organisations. We introduce some of our partners and talk about some of the new initiatives that have arisen from them and invite participants to do the same.

Sun 16: Meet the Artists

Your opportunity to meet some of the Festival artists for an intimate Q & A session.

If interested in attending, please contact us at