Sauti za Busara festival 8 – 11 February 2018
During the festival a limited number of stall spaces are available for rental inside or close to the Old Fort, allowing you to trade or display your goods. Priority is given to local and regional traders, who wish to sell unique, quality and locally-made arts, crafts, clothes, music, food and refreshments.
Stall prices vary according to type of trade, location and facilities required.

Deadline for receiving applications: midnight (EAT) on 09 December 2017

For more details please contact

(includes TWO complimentary Festival Traders Passes)
food & refreshments
(no alcohol)
Main Stage
600 000/- TSh (US$300)
400 000/- TSh (US$200)
Clothes, jewellery, arts & crafts, etc Main Stage
400 000/- TSh (US$200)
300 000/- TSh (US$150)
OTHERS (for profit) Various 600 000/- TSh (US$300)
OTHERS (not for profit) Various 200 000/- TSh (US$100)
Please complete this form if you are interested to trade or display your goods at Sauti za Busara 2018.
All successful applicants will be notified during first week of January 2018

Terms and Conditions


  1. Payment in full must be made before 31 January 2018.
    Busara Promotions accepts payment by Cheque, Cash or Bank Transfer.
  2. If payment is not received by stipulated date the stall offer shall be withdrawn and the pitch reallocated.
  3. NO REFUNDS will be given after payment is made.


  1. The License to trade is from 09:00 Weds 7th Feb until 02:00 Mon 13th Feb 2018 ONLY.
    Traders must be onsite to set up by 10:00am on Weds 7th Feb and may start business immediately.
  2. Sub-contracting or sub-letting a stall or any part of a stall is strictly forbidden. The Trader applying shall be the Trader managing the stall on site.
    The Trader applying shall be the Trader managing the stall on site.
  3. Concessions are agreed separately for sales of alcohol or cigarettes.
    If any of these goods are brought on-site by traders they will be confiscated and the trader evicted.
  4. The Festival reserves the right to reallocate or re-site stalls upon arrival at site.
  5. Unauthorised Sauti za Busara Festival logos on any goods, i.e. T-shirts, hats, craft goods or disposables will be confiscated.
  6. The sale of counterfeit merchandise is prohibited.
  7. Traders must display their trading name as per their application on the front of their stall (minimum size A4)


  1. Each stall includes TWO complimentary All-Festival Stall Passes. All extra passes must be paid for in advance.
  2. Traders must ensure all their staff have the relevant and approved passes. Anyone found without the correct accreditation will be evicted from site.
  3. Traders must provide names for all their crew, with one passport photo for each person, before 31 Jan 2018.
  4. Traders must co-operate fully with Festival Security in search of any stalls if required.


  1. The festival provides electricity and lighting for market traders. Stalls with equipment e.g. deep-fat fryer, fridge, blender will be required to contribute extra towards power supply. This must be agreed with Stalls Coordinator and paid in advance.
  2. No generators are allowed on-site.
  3. Two chairs and one small table are provided for each stall. Additional tables or chairs may be hired from the festival if required. These must be agreed with Stalls Coordinator and paid in advance.
  4. Traders are not permitted to have open fires in the venue. BBQs may be permitted on agreement with Stalls Coordinator in advance.
  5. No traders are permitted to use sound systems on site.
  6. Traders must not sell alcohol or any products containing alcohol without written permission from Festival Management.
  7. Weapons, or potential weapons are not permitted on-site and will be confiscated.

All Traders are required to sign agreement to comply with the terms and conditions of the site licence. Any Trader found in breach of these conditions will be stopped from Trading with immediate effect.