Tickets and Prices


A limited number of festival passes and day tickets will be available at the Old Fort from 10:00am, Wed, 12th February at the following prices:

Door Prices (February 2014)



General Admission

80,000/- Tsh (US$ 52)

200,000/- TSh (US$ 125)

(access to seated area)

96,000/- TSh (US$ 63)

320,000/- TSh (US$ 200)

Special Discounts*

*(no discounts for premium tickets)

**IDs/permits required for discounts

-50% off for
African Citizens/Residents
(ID/Resident Permit required)

40,000/- Tsh ($25)

100,000/- TSh (US$ 63)

-90% off for
Tanzanian Citizens

(ID required)

5,000/- TSh * *(free admission before 5pm)

15,000/- TSh

Please note that this year we are increasing festival security for your safety. We will have metal-detectors at the door, and you will need to present valid ID to collect your tickets. We appreciate your cooperation with this policy.


Thur, 13th to Sun, 16th Feb: show times are from 5:00pm – 2:00am

ID required for eligibility and collection of African Citizen/Resident and Tanzanian Citizen tickets and passes. ID also needs to be presented when collecting tickets that were bought online or at ticketing outlets.