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More Than A Festival Sauti za busara Zanzibar from Sauti za Busara on Vimeo.

More Than a Festival (Zanzibar, Tanzania) Directed by: Merete Stubhaug Documentary Film © 2012. English / Swahili © Busara Promotions / SYNK Media Running time: 24’49” Produced by: Busara Promotions / SYNK Media

Bongo Brains: Jagwa Music (Tanzania)
fROOTS magazine
July 2012
by Yusuf Mahmoud
Picture a variety of traditional drums, a battered stool beaten with sticks and a pair of small Casio hand-held keyboards hooked to a megaphone speaker. A cheeky-looking youth wearing a vest and jeans strolls in, grabs the mic and proceeds to read more

Sauti za Busara: la présence de musiciens congolais vivement souhaitée
Les Depeches de Brazzaville
11 June 2012
by Patrick Kianimi
Extra Musica, JB Mpiana, Werrason, Fally Ipupa sont notamment parmi les groupes et artistes que les organisateurs souhaitent voir prester lors du rendez-vous musical dont la dixième édition se déroulera du 14 au 17 février 2013 à Zanzibar… read more

Africa's long song of defiance: Zanzibar's annual music festival offers an uplifting platform to Africa's disaffected voices
14 April 2012
by Thembi Mutch
The 18th-century Omani fort in Zanzibar is silhouetted against a clear African night. Nneka, a bird-like Nigerian female artist in shabby leggings, is hammering out “Vagabonds in Power” read more

Keeping Africa's indigenous arts alive: Observations from Sauti za Busara
This is Africa
28 March 2012
by Brenda Wambui
The performing arts in Africa are changing. We as producers and consumers of these arts also have to change with the times, as was evident at the recent Sauti za Busara festival in Zanzi… read more

Sauti za Busara 2012 (Official)

Freddy Massamba at Sauti za Busara 2012

Busara Festival to leave its Zanzibar home?
Fly Global Music
21 February 2012
by Damian Rafferty
In the hot glove of a sticky East African night, the last act of the annual Sauti za Busara festival takes place... read more

Sauti za Busara makes you believe in African unity
The East African
25 February 2012
by Elsie Eyakuze
There is a lot of politics in the air. This year in particular, it is coating everything with a fine dust of perpetual dissatisfaction… read more

Sauti za Busara: "African Music under African Skies". But who for?
This is Africa
20 February 2012
by Brenda Wambui
"African Music under African Skies". That's the tagline for Sauti za Busara, the annual music festival that takes place in Zanzibar at the Old Fort… read more

Sauti za Busara: Show goes on amid financial troubles
The East African
17 February 2012
by Page Aarhus
Every year the paradise island of Zanzibar comes alive as thousands flock en masse for a celebration of African music and more

To miss or not miss out on Busara 2012
Thursday, 09 February 2012 10:09
by Moses Serugo
I am giving Sauti za Busara a miss this year. Blame it on personal recession blues that have had me resolve to be more frugal in 2012 limiting expenditure to strictly essential items... read more

Kenyan Tourism Minister attends the ninth edition of Sauti za Busara Music festival.
Monday, 13 February 2012 15:37
Pomp and colour marked this year’s Sauti za Busara festival. Tourism Minister Najib Balala who attended the festival expressed satisfaction that Sauti za Busara is promoting local artistes. read more

Sauti za Busara: Nneka
Mambo Magazine
16th February 2012
by Rhiannan Price
Ah ah ah ah eh eh eh eh echoed through Stone Town's Old Fort on Saturday night. By the end of her headlining set, Nneka’s Heartbeat was more than just an exchange between artist and crowd. read more

Sauti za Busara: A Victim of its Own Success?
Think Africa Press
16 February 2012 - 2:41pm
by Sarah Collier
From February 8–12, Zanzibar hosted Sauti za Busara, East Africa’s largest music festival showcasing talent from around Africa but with a particular emphasis on East African artists. read more

Sauti za Busara: Weds and Thurs
Mambo Magazine
8th February 2012
by Mambo Staff
Zanzibar's famous Sauti za Busara (Sounds of Wisdom) music festival is kicking off gently tonight (Wednesday)... read more

Sauti za Busara - Annual music festival in Zanzibar
Think Africa Press
17 January 2012 - 10:41am
by Natascha Chtena
I couldn't help but get over-enthused about the 9th edition of this annual music festival in Zanzibar... read more

Uzinduzi wa Tamasha la Sauti za Busara
RFI kiswahili
Ijumaa 10 februari 2012
by Ebby Shaban Abdallah
Uzinduzi wa Tamasha la Sauti za Busara visiwani Zanzibar,… read more

Sauti za Busara yakuza utalii Zanzibar
RFI kiswahili
Jumatano 08 februari 2012
by Ebby Shaban Abdallah
Serikali ya Mapinduzi Zanzibar imekiri Tamasha la Sauri Za Busara ambalo limekuwa likifanyika kila mwaka visiwani humo,… read more

February 11, 2012
by Jestina George
Tamasha la Sauti za Busara limeng’oa nanga kwa staili ya aina yake kwa ngoma za asili kama Mdundiko,… read more

Saturday, February 11, 2012
by DJ Choka
Tamasha la Sauti za Busara limeng’oa nanga kwa staili ya aina yake kwa ngoma za asili kama Mdundiko, Ngongoti,… read more

Tamasha la busara linaakisi utamaduni wa Mzanzibari lilindwe
November 25, 2011
by Ally Saleh
Wiki iliyopita wengi wetu tuliokuwa katika ukumbi wa mikutano wa Hoteli ya Zanzibar Beach Resort tulipata mshtuko kutokana na matamshi ya Mkurugenzi wa taasisi ya Busara Promotion, Yussuf Mahmoud… read more

Sauti za Busara biggest event for Zanzibar tourism
Nov 10, 2011
by Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome
(eTN) - Zanzibar’s globally-renowned music and culture festival, Sauti za Busara, is finally getting the official recognition it has always deserved ….read more