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  • With no Sauti za Busara, will February still be Zanzibar’s busiest month?

    By In-house Kenya, February 4, 2016
    Year after year, Sauti za Busara drew growing crowds to the country and was seen as an integral part of the annual calendar of events for both Zanzibar and Tanzania as a whole .... read more

  • Zanzibar counts its losses without busara

    By Paul Owere, January 29, 2016
    It is a few days to February and there is very little activity around the Ngome Kongwe (Old Fort), an area that has been home to the Sauti Za Busara festivals.

    Apart from the few visitors arriving at the Forodhani Food Market to sample some of the Zanzibari delicacies there is not much going on.... read more

  • For Africa’s creative economy to thrive, it must be self-sustaining

    By Musinguzi Bamuturaki, Daily Nation, Nov 26, 2015
    The announcement by Busara Promotions that they will not be holding the Sauti za Busara music festival in Zanzibar next year is a stark reminder that lack of local financial support is a major impediment to the growth of Africa’s creative economy... read more

  • Shining light on festival programming in Africa

    by Beth Achitsa, Music In Africa, Nov 25, 2015
    Festivals provide space for both emerging bands and established performers to showcase their talent. Without their support, the African musical landscape would look very different. As the continent's festival scene continues to grow and new festivals emerge all around, Music In Africa spoke to organizers of various African festivals on what it takes to put together an exciting program for the audience and what artists need to do to earn a place at the various festivals. … read more

  • Sarabi ghetto boys hitting high notes

    By by Salome Gregory, The Citizen, Nov 23 rd 2015
    The first time I watched a Sarabi band performance was at the 12 th edition of the Sauti za Busara festival early this year at Ngome Kongwe, Zanzibar. The audience that evening was worked up as the Afro fusion band gave them a feel of their heart warming hits in a performance that … read more

  • "African leaders need to prioritize arts and culture"

    By Busara Promotions Nov 11, 2015
    Evidence shows that the creative economy is an increasingly powerful driver of development. Figures published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in May 2013 show that world trade of creative goods and services totalled a record $624 billion in 2011, more than doubling since 2002. The average annual growth rate during that period was 8.8%, with growth in developing-country exports of creative goods being even stronger; averaging 12.1% annually over the same period. Journey Ramadhan, projects manager at Busara Promotions in Zanzibar, wonders why African governments do not seem to prioritize arts and culture, despite the contribution of these industries to the economic growth... read more

  • Music In Africa at African Creative Economy Conference

    By; Nov 9, 2015
    A panel discussion on the first day titled ‘Music and the Economy’ was moderated by Faisal Kiwewa from the Bayimba Foundation in Uganda. The panel also featured Andre Le Roux, who showed examples of well-conceived city-based initiatives to show how these projects were contributing to grow the vibrant live music scene in South Africa. Yusuf Mahmoud from Busara Promotions in Zanzibar discussed the recent decision not to host Sauti za Busara festival in 2016, highlighting the significant contribution of festivals to the local economy and the need for support of such festivals through public private more

  • Sauti za Busara Is Worth Saving. Here’s Why…

    by By Kampire Bahana October 5, 2015
    Our society undervalues the creative arts. This is an unfortunate fact. In the developing world, artisan activity is the 2nd largest employer after agriculture, generating $34 billion a year. Yet it still remains woefully underfunded in East Africa, along with its emaciated family of creative industries; visual arts, film and music... read more

  • Where to for the cancelled Sauti za Busara festival?

    by Setumo-Thebe Mohlomi, Mail & Guardian, 1st Sept 2015
    The festival's director has vowed that this lively celebration of East African music will be back bigger and stronger in 2017... read more

  • Sauti za Busara Festival Canceled for 2016

    by Tom Pryor, Afropop Worldwide, August 27, 2015
    Zanzibar’s long-running Sauti za Busara Festival recently announced the cancellation of its 2016 edition, scheduled for February of next year. The annual festival, one of the largest in East Africa, ran for the last 12 years in Zanzibar’s Stone Town and provided a valuable showcase for local Swahili talent, from taraab legends Bi Kidude and Culture Musical Club, to homegrown Tanzanian pop and hip-hop... read more

  • Zanzibar Music Festival may collapse

    by Sunday News Reporter in Zanzibar, 16 August 2015
    THE 13th edition of the Zanzibar Music (Sauti za Busara) festival may not go ahead as planned in 2016 due to lack of funds, the show’s organiser has warned.... read more

  • Kenya: Discard the Pride, Kenya Can Learn a Lot from Zanzibar

    by John Kariuki, The Star, 2 April 2015
    This year's 16th Cape Town International Jazz festival was hosted last weekend. Although the festival still bears the 'jazz' tag, there is a big representation of jazz-related events; those that are not necessarily jazz but have hints of it ..... read more

  • Messages is key for 'Blitz the Ambassador'

    by IMAN MANI, Daily News, 24 March 2015
    HIP-HOP and visual artist, Samuel Bazawule a.k.a. Blitz the Ambassador, finally returned to his New York, USA base LAST Friday. He had left music lovers entranced with his performance to close last month's Sauti za Busara music festival in..... read more

  • The Songlines Annual Festival Guide 2015

    by Songlines Magazine, 24 March 2015
    Songlines' definitive guide to the Top 10 UK Summer Festivals and 25 Best International Festivals: Whether you want to discover Rajasthan's best-kept musical secrets inside a majestic fort, or soak up soothing beats in a beautiful English garden ..... read more

Sauti za Busara 2015: Together as One
In Stone Town, Zanzibar, February 2015, it’s 'full mzuka' and raining non-stop African music with Sauti za Busara, "one of Africa's best loved music festivals" (Rita Ray, BBC). Taste the vibes with Alikiba, Msafiri Zawose, Mim Suleiman, Leo Mkanyia & the Swahili Blues Band (Tanzania), Liza Kamikazi (Rwanda), festival MC Irene Celine and more. 2'11"; ScreenStation (UK) & Busara Promotions (Tanzania),

  • Kenya: Sauti Za Busara Festival Rocks Music Lovers

    By Stanley Gazemba, ALL Africa, 11 March 2015
    The avenue meanders and dips and up ahead the modern buildings lining the avenue give way to the ancient stone buildings of Zanzibar's Stone Town. Strung up on the streetlights a banner welcomes us to the Sauti za Busara Festival..... read more

  • Transporting listeners across the world through music

    by Iman Mani, Daily News, 3rd March 2015
    ALIKIBA (Ally Saleh Kiba) was not the only artist from the Mainland to perform in front of a full house at the just-ended Sauti za Busara (SZB) (Sounds of Wisdom) music festival, four-day event. Yes, he was the act to close the opening .... read more

  • Sauti za Busara Shakes up Stone Town with a global audience

    by; 24 February 2015
    Once again, during 12 –15 February 2015, Sauti za Busara brought people from across the world together in a sea of humanity displayed at Stone Town, Zanzibar to celebrate the wealth and diversity of African music. The theme for this 12th edition was “Together as One; Amani Ndio Mpango Mzima!” .... read more

  • Global Beats from Sauti za Busara festival in Zanzibar

    with Rita Ray, BBC World Service, 22 February 2015
    Now in its twelfth year, Sauti Za Busara has gained a reputation as one of Africa's best and most respected music events. All the music is live, and, as Global Beats presenter Rita Ray found out, artists are keen to be chosen to perform: they see it is a badge of honour and proof of their musicianship .... read more

Zanzibar : Sauti za Busara s'installe parmi les... by lemondefr

Du 12 au 15 février, la capitale de Zanzibar, Stone Town, a accueilli la 12e édition du festival international de musique africaine Sauti za Busara. Avec environ dix-huit mille visiteurs et plus d'une trentaine d'artistes venus de tout le continent, l'événement est aujourd'hui considéré comme l'un des sept plus grands festivals africains

  • Sauti za Busara a festival like no other

    by Salome Gregory, The Citizen; February 20, 2015
    It is a festival that draws attention throughout the continent and beyond as it attracts visitors from almost every corner of the world. And this time around it wasn’t going to be an exception; the Stone Town was abuzz with visitors as ... read more

"A unique music festival in one of the most beautiful places on Earth"
with Maria Galang, CCTV Africa; 14 Feb 2015

Founded in 1958, Culture Musical Club is Zanzibar's most prolific and successful band playing traditional taarab sounds and as the festival grows in popularity every year, the group still prefers to play at the Sauti za Busara festival, African music under African skies. "A unique music festival in one of the most beautiful places on Earth"

  • Alikiba steals show at ‘Sauti za Busara’

    by Daily news, Friday 13th February 2015 by Iman Mani
    Ally Saleh Kiba, alias Alikiba closed the first day of the Sauti za Busara (SZB) festival on a high note. Actually it was in the early hours of Friday morning (yesterday), when the Dar es Salaam-based artists came off stage, leaving the audience still wanting ... read more

  • Sauti za Busara wamtambulisha rasmi Alikiba

    by MUHIDIN MICHUZI, Jan 29th 2015
    Mwenyekiti wa Bodi wa Busara Promotions, wandaaji wa tamasha la Sauti za Busara, Simai Mohammed (katikati) akiongea na wandishi wa habari (Hawapo pichani) wakati wa mkutano wa wanahabari Jijini Dar es Salaam, juu ya tamasha la 12 la Sauti za Busara, litakalofanyika, Februari 12 hadi 15 ... read more

  • Sauti za Busara kujumuisha vikundi vya burudani duniani

    by Herieth Makwetta, Mwananchi, Jan 10th 2015
    Mwaka jana tulishuhudia kituo kikubwa cha habari duniani kikiyataja matamasha saba bora ya kimataifa na Sauti za Busara likiwa tamasha lililoshika nafasi ya tatu. Ni tamasha ambalo watu kutoka katika pembe zote za dunia, wiki ya pili ya Februari kila mwaka hukutana katika kisiwa cha marashi ya karafuu ... read more

  • Sounds of Wisdom

    By Jazmin Mansour 8th Jan 2015
    Throughout history, humankind has taken to creating music for an assortment of reasons, yet Africa has distinct traditions when it comes to music rooted deep within its culture. The traditional music of East Africa has gone through changes due to historical, political, and economic ... read more

  • PEACE Competition at Sauti za Busara 2015

    On Kenya Buzz 5th Jan 2015
    Immensely popular with Tanzanians as well as visitors to the region, Sauti za Busara has firmly established itself as an unmissable event on the African cultural calendar. The music festival brings people together in celebration ‘Different Colours, One People’ ... read more

  • 11 Must-do African Music Festivals

    by Andrew Arnott, 6 October 2014
    Whatever time of year you’re planning on travelling in Africa, people are making music and lots of it. Festivals spring-up like sonic oases giving artists platforms to be heard and music lovers an occasion to dance to hundreds of different rhythms and beats. Festivals in Africa are flavoured with a distinct sense of adventure, some more of an epic undertaking than others ... read more

  • The Songlines guide to the best festivals of 2014

    by Songlines Magazine
    Believe it or not, summer is fast approaching, so why not unplug your headphones, ditch your iPod and head outdoors to really experience the music you love. We’ve compiled a list of this year’s top festivals from the world and folk music scenes so take a look and make sure you fill your calendars. more

  • De Berlín a Zanzíbar pasando por el Nilo
    Que la música (igual que la palabra) va por delante perfilando un mundo sin fronteras ha quedado claro en el festival Sauti za Busara (“sonidos del conocimiento” en suajili) de Zanzíbar. Globalización (en los componentes de los grupos), mezcla (en los sonidos transfronterizos) y diáspora (como impulso) han sido la esencia de esta cita musical, una de las más importantes de África. more

  • Retaining local sounds only way to success for some
    By Imani Mani
    March 06, 2014
    JUST to make sure that there is a selection of local musical flavour around Hassan Mahenge, a teacher at the Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA) in Zanzibar, got together with some other liked-minded colleagues and formed Swahili Vibes. read more

  • Sauti za Busara – African Music Festival- Tanzania
    March 04, 2014
    During our visit to Tanzania we went to the African Music Festival sauti za busara, taking place on Zanzibar. The festival area was inside the old fort of Stone Town. Me and my husband were there two of the festival days, Friday and Saturday. read more