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  • Bongo News

     The 10 Best African Music Festivals

    By okayafrica, 19 Nov 2018

    African music, in all its genres and forms, has one of the largest congregations in the world, with millions of people both on the continent and in the diaspora celebrating their love and connection to their culture through sound. Despite the rapid digitization of our music consumption through the internet and streaming services, nothing will ever beat the experience of live music ...read more

  • Bongo News

     Sauti za Busara announces 2019 artistes line-up

    By The East African, 3 Nov 2018

    The organisers of Sauti za Busara have announced the line-up for next year's festival scheduled for February 7-10 at its traditional venue of Stone Town in Zanzibar. The main venue for next year's extravaganza is the Old Fort. The festival will feature 44 performances by artistes from across Africa on three live stages with... read more

  • Bongo News

     Sauti za busara 2019 knocking at the doors

    By The Citizen, 19 Oct 2018

    The 2019 edition of Sauti za Busara could be some four months away but has released the festival line up which features some illustrious performers from across the African Continent ... read more

  • Bongo News

    Sauti za Busara: line-up announcement for 2019 edition

    By Music in Africa, 16 Oct 2018

    Sauti za Busara has announced the artists who will perform at the 2019 edition of the festival, to be held from 7 to 10 February in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Considered one of Africa's most-respected festivals, Sauti za Busara will feature 44 performances from artists across the African continent... read more

  • Bongo News

    Early call from Sauti za Busara

    By Paul Owere , 27 April 2018

    The 2019 edition of the Sauti za Busara is some 10 months away and organisers have already announced the call for artistes for the prestigious annual festival. Billed as the best East African festival, the extravaganza this year attracted over 10,000 revellers from across the world making the month of February a high tourist season on the Spice Isles.... read more

  • Bongo News

    Call for applications: Sauti za Busara 2019

    by Music in Africa, 11 April 2018

    The organisers of Sauti za Busara festival are calling on performing artists whose music is connected to Africa to apply for the event scheduled to take place in Stone Town, Zanzibar, from 7 to 10 February 2019 ... read more

The Citizen

    Is this a new dawn at Sauti za Busara?

    by The Citizen, 30 March 2018

    The 2018 edition of the Sauti za Busara festival in Zanzibar was dubbed by organisers as one of their best, drawing over 10,000 attendances at the Old Fort in Stone Town. The ATM machines across town perhaps tell a better story as they were all empty by Saturday morning given the amount of withdrawals that were made on Friday night... read more

The Citizen

    How far will Emerson’s vision take Zanzibar music?

    by The Citizen, 23 February 2018

    At a time when music awards in Tanzania have taken a long-term hiatus, hearing of any award that targets musicians is something that’s greeted both with joy and a bit of uncertainty. Recently in Zanzibar, a beacon of light was left gleaming as the Sauti za Busara festivities came to a close ... read more

Global Voices

    At Zanzibar’s Sauti za Busara Festival, Music Professionals Ask: Can One Song Really Change the World?

    by Amanda Lichtenstein, Global Voices, 20 February 2018

    As part of the festival, the daily networking series Movers & Shakers invited industry stakeholders to the table for three days of dialogue related to music on the continent. The first day featured a conversation on “music for change” moderated by festival director Yusuf Mahmoud, who opened the session by posing the question, “Can one song really change the world?” ... read more

  • Bongo News

    Sauti za Busara celebrates Africa’s DNA

    By Amanda Lichtenstein for Music in Africa, 13 February 2018

    It’s midday on the blistering streets of Stone Town in Zanzibar and five break-dancers move to the beats of South African artist Zakes Bantwini’s ‘Ghetto’, which is blaring from nearby speakers at Forodhani Park. Little do they know that Bantwini is in Stone Town as the headliner for Sauti za Busara, East Africa’s most anticipated... read more

  • The Citizen

    Sauti za Busara Festival Ended on Good Vibes...

    By Salome Gregory, The Citizen, 12 February 2018

    The 15th edition of the 'Sauti za Busara Festival-2018' - themed 'United in Music' - has just ended on good vibes in the Spice Islands, with Zakes Bantwini from South Africa virtually drawing the curtains on the event with his performance, the last on the agenda... read more

  • Bongo News

    Saida Karoli adhihirisha uwezo wa kulitawala Jukwaa

    By Laila Sued February 11, 2018

    Msanii mkongwe wa muziki wa asili, Saida Karoli amedhilirisha uwezo wake wa kulitawala jukwaa kwa kuimba na kucheza katika tamasha la muziki la Sauti za Busara kwa mwaka 2018... soma zaidi

  • Bongo News

    Segere Original watikisa jukwaa na Sauti za Busara

    By Laila Sued February 10, 2018

    Kikindi cha ngomza za asili ya Kizarao kutoka Tanzania, Segere Original wameweza kuamsha furaha kwa mashabiki zao kwa kutoa burudani ya muziki wa asili unaofanywa na kikundi hicho... soma zaidi

  • Bongo News

    Expectations rising as Sauti za Busara gets close

    by Bongo News, 01 February 2018

    Zanzibar: The festival is one week away and excitement is reaching fever pitch in Zanzibar as curious revellers seek to know more about the headline artists for the 2018 edition of the Sauti za Busara. With over 40 groups to choose one would think they are spoilt for choice, but ... read more

  • Bongo News

    Saida Karoli kuibuka upya kwenye Tamasha la Sauti za Busara 2018

    By Andrew Chale, Bongo News, 23 January 2018

    Mwanamuziki Saida Karoli anayeimba nyimbo za asili ya Kihaya nchini anatarajiwa kuamsha upya hisia zake za muziki kupitia tamasha kubwa na pendwa Barani Afrika la Muziki la Afrika Mashariki, Sauti za Busara ambalo linatarajia kufanyika Februari 8-11,2018, Visiwani Zanzibar ... soma zaidi

  • independent

    Sauti za Busara 2018, The Sounds of Wisdom Uniting Africa

    by Independent Nigeria

    There were over 25 concerts in Lagos alone last December and if you attended more than one of them, you will notice the similarities from one show to the other. They have become monotonous, with the same kind of music, most times same musicians, same dancers, all executing same routines ... read more

  • The Citizen

    A season of reckoning at Sauti za Busara 2018

    by The Citizen, 19 January 2018

    The Sauti za Busara festival is about three weeks away and already there is plenty of action at both the headquarters and at the Old Fort. Having suffered a setback in 2016 when the festival took a hiatus due to funding issues, they now look set to produce a world class show that suits the pedigree of ... read more

  • The Citizen

    Sauti za Busara – a festival of opportunities

    by BongoNews, January 17, 2018

    Zanzibar. Every year in February thousands of music fans from across the globe converge at Stone Town’s Old Fort to experience a unique taste of African music as hosted by Sauti za Busara. Here paths intertwine, business deals are struck, collaborations are sealed and careers are taken to greater heights, as talents are spotted ... read more

  • The Citizen

    Saida Karoli kuwasha moto Sauti za Busara

    by Mwananchi, January 11, 2018

    Mwanamuzi wa nyimbi za asili, Saida Karoli atakuwa miongoni mwa wanamuziki zaidi ya 400 watakaotumbuiza kwenye Tamasha la Muziki la Afrika Mashariki, Sauti za Busara katika maadhimisho yake ya miaka 15 katika Mji wa Stone Town, Zanzibar kuanzia Februari 8 hadi 11, 2018 … soma zaidi

  • The Citizen

    Tuunganishwe na Muziki katika Tamasha la Sauti za Busara 2018

    by BongoNews, January 10, 2018

    Tamasha pendwa la Muziki la Afrika Mashariki, Sauti za Busara linatazamia kuweka historia ya maadhimisho yake ya miaka 15 katika Mji wa Stone Town, Zanzibar kuanzia Februari, 8 hadi 11, 2018. Likiwa na wigo mpana wa wasanii na vikundi mbalimbali vya muziki vinavyotambulisha tamaduni tofauti tofauti za Kiafrika, tamasha hili ... soma zaidi

  • The Citizen

    What you can expect at Sauti za Busara 2018

    by Music in Africa, 11 Jan 2018

    Sauti za Busara (SzB) is arguably one of the best music festivals on the African continent. That the festival is listed as one of the BBC's '7 African music festivals you really have to see' is a testament to its longstanding success. Much of the festival’s accomplishment as a must-see cultural gathering is … read more

  • The Citizen

    Busara still struggling despite potential

    by Paul Owere, The Citizen, 10 Nov 2018

    Sauti za Busara is one of the greatest festivals that has graced the African continent since the turn of the millennium as it celebrates Africa’s diverse cultures. Even with this great pedigree the festival continues to … read more

  • dailnews logo

    Busara Promotions seals contract with Norway

    The Guardian, 3 Nov 2017

    NORWAY has signed a new agreement with Busara Promotions in Zanzibar in which the country will grant 1,000,000 Norwegian Kroner (approx. 128,200 USD) to the organisation. The agreement was signed by Norwegian Ambassador to Tanzania, Hanne-Marie Kaarstad and the Busara Promotions Director … read more

  • dailnews logo

    Sauti za Busara gets a boost, thanks to Norwegian Embassy

    by BongoNews, 2 Nov 2017

    Norway provides a shining example to the world by contributing to long-term development and a more equitable planet. As part of its mission in Tanzania, the Norwegian Embassy has provided core funding for Busara Promotions since 2009, enabling strategic planning, strengthening administration and financial procedures and … read more

  • dailnews logo

    Sauti za Busara releases official 2018 line-up

    by Ano Shumba, Music in Africa, 27 Oct 2017

    Organisers of Sauti za Busara have revealed the line-up of artists billed to perform at next year’s festival… read more

  • 8 – 11 February, 2018: East Africa’s top music festival

    Published on July 6, 2017


    #SzB2018 Festival Promo video(1 min)

  • dailnews logo

    Call for applications: Sauti za Busara festival

    by Music in Africa, 31 March 2017

    Live music performers interested in participating in the 15th Sauti za Busara edition in Stone Town, Zanzibar, can now send in their applications. The festival, one of East Africa’s biggest, will take place between 8 and 11 February 2018 and the call for applications is open until 31 July 2017 ... read more

  • dailnews logo

    Appel à candidatures : festival Sauti za Busara

    by Music in Africa, 3 April 2017
    Les artistes intéressés à participer à la 15ème édition du festival Sauti za Busara qui se tient à Stone Town, Zanzibar, peuvent maintenant envoyer leurs demandes. Le festival, un des plus grands de l'Afrique de l'Est, se tiendra entre les 8 et 11 février 2018. L'appel à candidatures est ouvert jusqu'au 31 juillet 2017 ... read more