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Press Accreditation and Permits

The deadline for press accreditation for Sauti za Busara 2017 is Thursday 19 January 2017.

Hello and welcome to Sauti za Busara. We appreciate your support in sharing the festival with the world. Read on for more information on applying for official press accreditation:

About the Press Pass

Accredited media with a Festival Press Pass will be granted entry to the festival and entitled to free access to press conferences, all press meetings, wifi-equipped Press Centre in the Old Fort, interviews with festival artists and Movers & Shakers networking sessions.

Operations involving a tripod, microphone-stand, extra lighting, or more than one person are only allowed with a Festival Film Permit.

Access to the photographers' pit (immediately in front of the stage) is only granted to bearers of a Festival Film Permit or Festival Photo Pass. Photographers are not allowed on stage or backstage at any time, unless written approval has been granted.

Sauti za Busara 2017 Prices


East African Resident

TZ Citizen

Festival Press Pass

USD 120

USD 60 

20,000 TSh

Festival Photo Pass

USD 250

USD 60

50,000 Tsh

Festival Film Permit

USD 2,500


Please note facilitation fees are necessary to meet the festival budget and to continue bringing the best acts in Africa to the stage. Your support and understanding are appreciated. A limited number of complimentary press passes are available at the discretion of festival management. Preference for complimentary passes is given to media who are supporting and promoting Sauti za Busara in the lead-up to the festival or who have covered it in the past. Providing links to your current and/or prior coverage of Sauti za Busara will help enhance your application.

Eligibility for Press Accreditation

Accreditation is granted only to professionals assigned by recognised media to cover the festival. You will be required to provide an email from the editor of your publication confirming you have been deputed to cover Sauti za Busara 2017. On arrival at the Old Fort, to be issued with your pass, you must present a printed copy of the above mentioned letter from your editor on the official letterhead of the media outlet.

In addition to Festival Press pass, a separate permit will have to be obtained from Zanzibarís Ministry of Information.

Applying for Press Accreditation

Online registration of members of the press is mandatory. Please follow the guidelines carefully while completing your online application. All fields must be completed. Media must apply for credentials in advance; it will not be possible to apply on site.

Once you fill the press accreditation form online, you will receive an email from our press department acknowledging your application. Space is limited; unfortunately not all press applications can be accommodated. Busara Promotions reserves the right to approve or deny any accreditation.

Here is the online application form

Confirmation of Press Accreditation

When applications have been processed and accepted, a confirmation note will be sent to you via email. Please bring a printout of this email when you arrive at the venue.

A maximum of three representatives are permitted to be deputed from a single publication, radio station, or television channel, which may include two reporters and one cameraperson or photographer.

Additional Information

Due to a limited budget, we are unable to meet travel, accommodation, and subsistence expenses for credentialed media. Press passes for Sauti za Busara Festival are strictly personal and non-transferable. Sauti za Busara reserves the right to revoke or withdraw accreditation at any time in the event of misuse


The deadline for press accreditation for Sauti za Busara 2017 is Thursday 19 January 2017.

In case of any questions, contact

Please donít forget to send us copies of your coverage after the festival for our archives.

We look forwards to see you at the friendliest festival on the planet!

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