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  • Aleksand Saya

    Aleksand Saya’s music path began in the 1990s Réunion Island hiphop and underground reggae scenes. While he evolved into performing at sound systems and block parties, he fell in love with maloya music, a vector of history, emotions and traditions.Through ‘kabar’ events, lifted by maloya’s powerful rhythms and instruments, Saya read more
  • Christine Salem

    Christine Salem's bewitching voice, accompanied by her kayamb (percussive instrument made of reed stems filled with seeds), takes us on a musical journey across the Indian Ocean. Her songs tell of life with all its joy, hardship and struggle, in the purest Creole and the local Malagasy, Comorian and Swahili read more
  • Dago Roots

     Influenced by his personal history between Madagascar, France and Reunion, Dagoroots reflects the music and sounds of his wanderings. As a musician and singer-songwriter, this charismatic artist combines different rhythms in his sound creation that he calls the Rezzega, a mix of reggae, rock, jazz, traditional maloya, salegy and world read more
  • Groove Lélé

    Native to Reunion island Groove Lélé have been playing traditional maloya music since 1992, sharing with the world the music first created by an emblematic legend of maloya music Julien Philéas Gramoun Lélé (Grandad Blows up). Among the 12 musicians who composed his group, four of them are his children.   Maloya read more
  • Kaloubadya

    Kaloubadya, representing the maloya style from Reunion island, explore their roots whilst keenly embracing the spirituality this deeply rhythmic music has in seeking contact with its African ancestors. Kaloubadya’s stated ambition is to shake the plate. Voices swell and soar, whilst at the same time being raucous, vulnerable and powerful. The group read more
  • Kozman Ti Dalon

    Kozman Ti Dalon is a group of 6 young performers from Reunion who live for their culture and their music.   All were born in the Reunion city of Saint Louis. They draw inspiration from the maloya kabaré that the late Granmoun Bébé Manet proudly pioneered. Their first album in 2005 entitled read more