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  • DJ Eddy

    FestivalSauti za Busara 2010
    DJ Eddy
    DJ Eddy

    Ahmed Salum Hafidh, popularly known as DJ Eddy aka Mkazuzu, began working as a DJ in 1996. “This was my only way of expressing appreciation in music since I could not sing; I decided to express with my DJ skills.”

    He spent several years honing his DJ skills in Nairobi and Mombasa before returning to Zanzibar. He is now one of the island's most popular DJs and hosts his own shows on Bomba FM, where he plays bongo flava, hiphop, R ‘n’ B, bolingo, reggae, jazz and some music from West Africa.

    Apart from working on the radio, he regularly DJs at the beach hotels, bars and house parties.

    “It's a big challenge in Zanzibar, since everyone listens to bongo flava, hiphop and reggae, so trying to introduce different styles of music to them is very difficult. Since working at the radio station I have managed to introduce some different kinds of music from around the world.”