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Artists: Genre > zenji flava
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  • Ison Mistari aka Zenji Boy

    Ison Mistari, aka Zenji Boy is a new light in Zanzibar’s hiphop scene. His song-writing is critical and conscious, with powerful lyrics and messages that deeply resonate with his Swahili-speaking audience. Ison Mistari’s live performances are highly energetic and his lyrical skills widely feared. He has earned respect and appreciation read more

  • Kijiji Family The Big Nation

    Kijiji Family The Big Nation started in 2004 and have been busy redefining the local "zenji flava" (Zanzibar hiphop) scene. They perform regularly in Zanzibar and have been invited to play in other parts of the country including Morogoro, Tanga and Dar es Salaam. In 2006 and 2007 they won read more