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  • HAJAmadagascar and The Groovy People

    When HAJAmadagascar and his band turn up the heat, even the coolest audience melts after just a short time with a show that generates immense energy around its charismatic guitarist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, and above all showman. "Our music reflects our being", he says. "We love our traditions, but read more

  • Halikuniki & Sekembuke Comedy Group

    Founded in 1995 by two of Zanzibar's leading comedians, Shabaani Muasi Vuai ( Sekembuke) and Juma Haji Usi ( Halikuniki ) a move which was prompted by Tanzania's general election. They were initially engaged for a campaign to educate people about voting rights on both the main islands of Zanzibar read more

  • Hanitra

    Hanitra is a singer and guitarist from the “red Island” Madagascar. Underpinning her tunes with the charming essence of the island’s rhythms, with hints of Afro-Cuban and Brazilian percussion, she draws on traditional songs to dynamically represent the new Malagasy generation. Her voice, both deep and sensual, leads the way read more

  • Hiyari ya Moyowo

    Kirumbizi is a unique kind of stick dance and one of the earliest traditional types of ngoma from Pemba island, a tradition which has been handed down from generation to generation over centuries. According to Mzee Omar Khamisi, leader of Hiyari ya Moyowo group, kirumbizi has similar origins to the read more

  • Hoba Hoba Spirit


    The Moroccan musical phenomenon is back, stronger than ever! Between rock, funk and folklore, Hoba Hoba Spirit embody the avant-garde and contemporary Moroccan scene with songs that hit every time. From "Welcome to Casa" to "Blad Skyzo", their singles are firmly engraved in the Moroccan memory. Hoba Hoba Spirit read more

  • Hoko Roro

    Hoko Roro was formed by talented singer, songwriter and dancer, Samuel Hokororo, who was born in 1990 in Temeke District, Dar es Salaam. He started singing when he was at eight years old, at school, home and in the church choir.
    Samuel spent most of his time asking himself when read more