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  • Jackie Akello

     Jackie Akello is a gifted singer/songwriter and performer from northern Uganda, who sings in Acholi, Luganda, Swahili and English. She has a richly textured organic voice that transverses easily between urban and local sounds. Akello is well known for several songs including "Amari" (a love ballad), "Samanya" (a gospel hit) and read more
  • Jagwa Music

    Consisting of nine artists, Jagwa Music are the leading exponents of the Mchiriku style, which originated 20 years ago in the poor suburbs of Dar es Salaam; when cheap Casio keyboards first became available. Jagwa Music and their peers were immediately attracted by the Casio’s lo-fi sound, adopted one, hooked read more
  • Jahazi Modern Taarab

    Established in Dar es Salaam during December 2006, Jahazi Modern Taarab group is currently the leading taarab group in Tanzania, with more fans than any other. Their success story can be attributed to Mzee Yusuf, the manager and owner who is also one of the pioneer musicians of the "modern read more
  • Jakamoyo

    The Jakamoyo group, currently based in Bagamoyo, started originally in 1979 with 22 artists. They play vanga ngoma, a traditional music style with roots in the Morogoro region of Tanzania. Typically, their music is played for women's initiation ceremonies, weddings and other celebrations.   The band features a variety of ngoma drums read more
  • Jambo Brothers Acrobats

    Jambo Brothers was formed in 1999 by two Zanzibar acrobats Saidi and Khamis at Kiembe Samaki area. Later the same year three more members joined the group and they became the Golden Stars Acrobatic Show. Performing mainly in bars, schools, political rallies and other social occasions the group was struggling read more
  • Jang’ombe Nursery School

    Jang'ombe School was established in 1982 with five classes, at nursery, junior and senior level, which have now grown to seven classes with a total of four hundred kids.   The school has a special traditional dance class, teaching different kinds of traditional dances from around Zanzibar and Tanzania. Having built up a read more