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  • Kaloubadya

    Genrestraditional roots


    FestivalSauti za Busara 2020

    Kabary, 2012; Kalou Bandé, 2014; Amboni, 2019


    Kaloubadya, representing the maloya style from Reunion island, explore their roots whilst keenly embracing the spirituality this deeply rhythmic music has in seeking contact with its African ancestors.

    Kaloubadya’s stated ambition is to shake the plate. Voices swell and soar, whilst at the same time being raucous, vulnerable and powerful.

    The group is about to release their third album, ‘Amboni’, meaning ‘Up’.

    “Somin gran wood his far away, ti pa, ti pa na rivé ... “


    With thanks to TBK LA PROD and REGION REUNION
    With thanks to TBK LA PROD and REGION REUNION