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  • Qasida Swiffat Nabawiyyatul

    Country  Zanzibar
    Genres acoustic spiritual
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2007
    Qasida Swiffat Nabawiyyatul
    Qasida Swiffat Nabawiyyatul

    This is a group composed of teachers and pupils of the Kilimani Madrasa (Islamic school), founded in 1997 in the Kiungani section of Zanzibar town. Qasida Swiffat Nabawiyyatul offers Holy Koran classes as well as qasida (religious music) to pupils ranging from age 4 to 30 and upwards.


    Qasida is performed mainly in celebrations during the month of the birth of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, islamic weddings and other religious events. Instruments used include a tuned set of matari (frame drums) of different sizes from soprano to bass, which generates an irresistibly enchanting and pulsating rhythmic drive.

    As for context: A male maulid is played either at midday lunch reception or as an evening entertainment. A maulid can also be organised a year after the original wedding to thank God for a prosperous marriage. A more celebratory maulid is at an all-female wedding reception, usually organised in a specially rented hall. This is to accommodate a larger number of guests than it would be possible to have at home, but also to enable the desired secluded space reserved for women only. On these occasions the groups would be all-female, usually adolescent girls, who both sing and play the matari frame drums.