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  • S Kide & Wakupeti Band

     Shamte Mohammed aka S Kide is a composer and singer of the urban singeli style. The youthful and energetic singeli music and dance craze emerged from the ‘ghetto’ suburbs of Dar es Salaam in recent years - and is rapidly attracting attention beyond the borders of Tanzania.

    S Kide was read more

  • Safar

    Safar is an Arabic word which translates as a journey. DCMA Zanzibar's Safar is a group that reflects the diversity of musical styles found in the context of the Dhow Countries. Afrobeat, ngoma, taarab and Arabic music are blended in a special experience without dominating one another. The musicians are read more

  • Safi Theatre

    The group was initiated by Ramadhani Maneno (aka Pendapenda) during 1997 with the name Splendid Theatre. Ramadhani's artistic career started when he was a mere nine years old, displaying his dancing skills at various parties in his neighbourhood of Dar es Salaam. At the age of thirteen, he was read more

  • Sahra Halgan Trio

    Sahra Halgan sings with a clear, uplifting voice in the traditional Somali style, which bears much in common with the music of Sudan and the Arabian peninsula. It is often accompanied only by handclaps, although for the last several years Halgan has been touring with French musicians Aymeric Krol read more

  • Saida Karoli

    Saida Karoli is one of Africa's greatest singers and only the sky is her limit.

    Saida sings predominantly in Kihaya and Kiswahili. However, even those who do not understand her lyrics are touched by her unique voice and the quality of her music. Saida’s main sources of inspiration are social values, read more

  • Sakaki Mango

    Born in Kagoshima, Japan in 1974, Sakaki Mango studied the Swahili language at the Osaka University of Foreign Studies, where he also began his research on the music of Tanzania. He travelled to Africa to receive direct training from the late Hukwe Ubi Zawose (then leader of the Tanzanian National read more