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  • Aleksand Saya

    Country  Reunion
    Genres roots fusion
    Website saya.re
    Facebook /saya.974
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2022
    RecordingsDomin, 2021
    On stage Feb 2022

     Sun 13,  8:20pm Old Fort Main Stage

    Aleksand Saya Move Zerb

    Aleksand Saya
    Aleksand Saya

    Aleksand Saya’s music path began in the 1990s Réunion Island hiphop and underground reggae scenes. While he evolved into performing at sound systems and block parties, he fell in love with maloya music, a vector of history, emotions and traditions.

    Through ‘kabar’ events, lifted by maloya’s powerful rhythms and instruments, Saya chose to make it the cornerstone of his work. Animated by his curiosity and open-mindedness to the world, the multi-instrumentalist blended beat-making and sampling with roulèr, kayanm and other traditional maloya instruments, now set on a new path of what he calls ‘M’Bas Music’ (maloya bass).

    “Electro-maloya is a young scene”, says Saya. “It takes time to grow, and that’s good, because it means the roots will be strong. Trees with strong roots give good fruits and live long. We are still only a few DJs and producers involved in the creation of this new sound. I have the sensation we are at the beginning of something that’s gonna be really huge, and sooner than we think. M’Bas music is for everyone, it’s a call to reunite people. It doesn’t matter where you come from, M’Bas is universal, a celebration of life and togetherness.”

    With thanks to IOMMA: https://www.iomma.net/