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  • Dulla Makabila

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres electro urban fusion
    Website www.instagram.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2021

    Dulla Makabila - Nimeghaili Kufa (Official Video)

    Dulla Makabila
    Dulla Makabila

    Singeli evolved from mchiriku, with Wazaramo coastal sounds, segere and bongo flava in the mix, to create an exciting and energetic electro style that is uniquely Tanzanian. Its rhythms are fast-paced, loopy and repetitive, with rapid-fire vocals articulating often humorous but pertinent stories over rolling, percussive beats.

    Singeli is not a new movement. It started around fifteen years ago in the ghetto communities of Dar es Salaam. Whilst expanding its reach to dominate dance floors across the region, singeli has now moved on from social outcast status to being a source of national pride.

    Dulla Makabila is a lyrical genius who right now is at the forefront of the singeli scene. He started music in 2015 with the hit song ‘Yanga Watoto wa Jangwani’, soon followed by ‘Makabila’. In 2016, he joined Mkubwa na Wanawe, a legendary East African music institution that developed many popular artists including Yamoto Band, Dogo Aslay, Beka Flava and others.

    In five years, Makabila has already released a string of hits, including Hujaulamba, Dua, Miss Buza, Motoni Kumedamshi, Nitakuwaje, Ningekuwa Demu, Waongo and Demu Wako Namba Ngapi. His most recent song ‘Nimeghairi Kufa’ gained half a million views on YouTube in December 2020 during its first week of release.

    In conversation with festival organisers, Makabila commented ‘Even the baobab tree begins appearing like spinach. If we support one another, I believe the day will soon arrive to see singeli performed on global stages. Having said that, my journey to international fame will begin performing for the first time with live musicians at Sauti za Busara 2021.”