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  • Afrodynamix

    Country  Pan Africa Austria
    Genres hiphop jazz pop
    Website www.servus.at
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2008

    Afrodynamix was founded by the Austrian trombonist Werner Puntigam, who also appeared at Sauti za Busara 2007 with the legendary Mo' Some Big Noise (Austria/Mozambique). This is another intercultural project, which crosses borders in several respects and unites musicians of his Austrian Rave-Orchestra Blow & Order and musicians and dancers from West Africa (Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire).

    The band has performed in Austria and at international festivals in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. Their CD Afrodynamix (ATS-Records 0550), featuring french horn and alphorn player Arkady Shilkloper from Russia, has received enthusiastic reviews by media and audiences.

    After the untimely death of their young Senegalese lead singer, percussionist and co-composer Pathe Beye, the group restarted with a renewed 8-piece line-up: It includes some of Austrian's top horn players such as Ali Angerer (tuba) and Barney Girlinger (trumpet & flugelhorn), as well as Adi Nimmerfall (the virtuoso flute player of Mo' Some Big Noise) and Werner Puntigam (trombone, conch shell & laptop), electronic beats and percussionists/vocalists, a.o. Madieng Fall, of one of the most notable griot families from Senegal.

    For Sauti za Busara the line-up has been extended to Pan-African and includes further special guests from other African regions, such as the rapper Chikito (Mozambique), the singer Queen Mashie (Zimbabwe) and Khalid Kouhen (Morocco) on Indian percussions. In any case Afrodynamix is bound to have the audience dancing with African-flavoured hiphop, multi-lingual rap and vocals plus funky horn solos!

    with thanks to the Austrian Embassy in Nairobi, and Kulturland Oberösterreich