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  • Juma Nature & TMK Wanaume Halisi

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres bongo flava hiphop pop urban
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2005, 2007

    Nini Chanzo (2001)
    Wachuja Nafaka (2002)
    Ugali (2004)
    Ubinadam Kazi (2005)
    Zote History (2006)

    Juma Nature & TMK Wanaume Halisi
    Juma Nature & TMK Wanaume Halisi

    Juma Kassim Mohamed Kiroboto, aka Juma Nature, is one of East Africa's most talented and loved hiphop artists. His ability to play with words and creativity in composition and flowing "kighettoghetto" is something which most hiphop artists in the world fail to come close to. Nature is one of the best, well known and most creative artists in the bongo flava Swahili hiphop arena; not only is he a great composer and uniquely talented performer, but also is gifted with a soulful and touching voice.


    Born in 1980 in Dar es Salaam, Nature had a tough childhood. His father was a civil servant whilst his mother, a housewife, helped to feed the family by selling rice cakes and chapattis on the streets of Temeke - one of the poor suburbs of Dar es Salaam. At times Nature was involved in petty crimes like assisting in selling gongo (a prohibited home-made local spirit), as well as thieving, due to poverty. His father's work dried up and the family became bankrupt, forcing Nature into crushing stones to make gravel to make ends meet.

    His musical journey started when he was ten years old and his father took him to the madrassa (Islamic school) where Juma Nature grew extremely talented in "qasida" singing and "dufu" playing. After a year he became a household name for his ability to sing and play the tarikas, His school was soon regularly invited to Islamic ceremonies where Nature was always at the forefront.

    Nature's real-life experience in the Temeke suburbs of Dar continues to provide the material and inspiration for most of his songs. For four years Nature was a leading member of TMK Wanaume Family and a founder member of different permutations of artists including Wachuja Nafaka, GWM / Gangsters with Matatizo. Wangoto Family, Gangwe Mobb.

    Due to problems of poor management, TMK Wanaume Family split in November 2006. This provoked the formation of TMK Wanaume Halisi - also led by Nature and comprising Inspekta Haroun, Luteni Kalama, Dollo, Nako2Nako, Richie One, Q, BK, and D Chief. Nature's studio cohort and Tanzania's leading producer, P Funk "Majani", of Bongo Records, features on the turntables and DJ mixer for this special festival showcase.

    Boasting their new dance style, Ma-kung fu flex, the group will quickly prove that they are still on top of the scene in Tanzania.