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  • Muthoni The Drummer Queen

    Country  Kenya
    Genres spoken word fusion roots urban
    Website www.penyafrica.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2011

    Mambo Bado (2008)

    The Human Condition (2010)

    Muthoni The Drummer Queen
    Muthoni The Drummer Queen

    Nairobi born and raised singer-songwriter, flow-poet, drummer, and creative social entrepreneur, Muthoni Ndonga, is already poised to become a leading presence in the world of African entertainment and social development. Muthoni’s music is an innovative approach to fusing African melodies and rhythms with daily experiences that resonate with urban youth across the African continent delivered in a blend of English, Kikuyu and Swahili languages.


    Muthoni mixes diverse styles such as salsa, kwaito, afro-rock, taarab, rap, floetry and R&B into an intoxicating fusion of sounds. Inspired by love, relationships, politics, and new spirituality, her sound is a conscious call to live, dream and hope in curiosity, courage and strength. Delivered sometimes in song and floetry (spoken poetry) her work is an experimental, entertaining and stirring display of artistry. By blending the musical traditions of East African with the experiences of the modern African youth, it is at once ancient, contemporary and futuristic.


    Her first solo recording Mambo Bado, meaning “the big things are yet to come”, was produced at Rafiki Studio, Nairobi by Romeo Komeni, a reputed Nairobi based Jazz musician. Muthoni’s second album, released on Penya Africa late 2009, is a revolutionary artistic statement that has already shaken things up on the Kenyan music scene. She worked closely with Wawesh, Penya’s main producer (Sauti Sol, Dela) to bring to life Human Condition, a unique musical journey through the sophisticated artistry of Muthoni, The Drummer Queen.

    With thanks to Fly540
    With thanks to Fly540