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  • African Stars Band (aka Twanga Pepeta)

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres band dance rumba
    Website www.africanstars.net
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2011

    Kisa cha Mpemba (1999) Jirani (2000) Fainalu Uzeeni (2001) Chuki Binafsi (2002) Ukubwa Jiwe (2003) Mtu Pesa (2004) Safari (2005)

    African Stars Band (aka Twanga Pepeta)
    African Stars Band (aka Twanga Pepeta)

    The African Stars Band is one of Tanzania’s most loved live performers. Based in Dar es Salaam, their 40 plus members have decades of experience in producing the popular muziki wa dansi (dance music); sounds that continue to be popular all over the country.


    The African Stars Band descended from the well-loved 1980s success the MK Group Band, who played a residency set at the New Africa Hotel. Upon its closure in 1994, the band renamed themselves as African Stars Band, however they are more commonly known across Tanzania as Twanga Pepeta for their unique and original dance style – twanga meaning “to grind or pound”, and pepeta meaning to “sieve”.


    Over the years the group have repeatedly won awards including Best Band of the Year, Best Dance Show and Best Band in Modern Music. With over eight album releases on audio tape, CDs and DVDs an overwhelming majority of these released songs have hit high in the Tanzanian charts.


    The band plays Tanzanian style rumba, mixed with zouk, chacha, ndombolo, blues and soca, singing in Swahili, French, English, Spanish and Lingala languages. Expect heavy electric guitars and drums with harmonious penetrating vocals. Live, each song can last over 20 minutes and is always delivered with high powered musical agility and great dancing.


    17 of the African Stars Band will be on stage at Sauti za Busara 2011 – singers, musicians and a pounding, grinding stage show guaranteed to have all dancing on the closing night of the festival.