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  • FM Academia

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres band dance rumba
    Website www.fmacademia.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2012

    Internet (1997); Atomic (1998); Prison (2000); Freedom (2001); Wapambe Nuksi (2002); Dunia Kigeugeu (2006); Vuta Nikuvute (2010)

    FM Academia
    FM Academia

    FM Academia is one of Tanzania’s best loved bands, more commonly known as Wazee wa Ngwasuma (or elders of their unique Ngwasuma style). They are specialists in Tanzanian rumba or muziki wa dansi that moves crowds like no other sound across the country.


    Established in 1997 under the name of FM International, today FM Academia is made up of 34 full-time singers, dancers and musicians from Tanzania and neighboring DRC. Working industriously on and off stage, they are highly in demand, attracting huge crowds to their regular shows around Dar es Salaam and beyond.


    In 1997 they released their debut album Internet followed by another album Atomic in 1998. However, the notoriety they now enjoy across Tanzania really began in 2000 where a number of Congolese members of the band were accused of overstaying their visa without work permits, and consequently spent short terms in prison. With work permits in order, following their release and the reunion of the group, they set about releasing their hit selling record Prison. Ever since then, FM Academia have continued to release hit after hit and won many national awards for their original lyrics and style.


    Consistently delivering the latest top hits in muziki wa dansi, their show at Sauti za Busara is highly anticipated. 25 of the band will be on stage on the closing night of the festival.  Expect heavy electric guitars, sturdy snare and hi-hat rhythms, rich harmonious vocals and, as always, classic ngwasuma dance routines guaranteed to keep everyone on their feet.