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  • Bamba Nazar & The Pilgrimage

    Country  Suriname Netherlands
    Genres fusion hiphop reggae rock urban
    Website www.bambanazar.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2010

    March on Gamorah, 2010

    Bamba Nazar & The Pilgrimage
    Bamba Nazar & The Pilgrimage

    Bamba Nazar spent his childhood in the South American country of Suriname. As a young man he lived in New York and Los Angeles where he made his entry into the music industry as a producer. Since then he's worked with some of the most influential artists in hiphop such as Daddy-O (Stetsasonic), Chuck D (Public Enemy), Freestyle Fellowship, The Outsidas & Redman.

    After returning to Europe Bamba established a name for himself as DJ Threesixty and started producing some of Africa's premier hiphop talents such as Tanzania's X-Plastaz (Nini Dhambi) and Wa Bmg 44 (Senegal). In 2007 Bamba became the official DJ for African hiphop radio on Fun X (The Netherlands no.1 urban radio station). After years of producing other artists, Bamba realised the time had arrived to gather his band “The Pilgrimage” and start producing his own music. Music that would reflect his strong belief that Africa has much to offer to its offspring scattered across the globe and that the healing of our people lies within its homecoming.

    With The Pilgrimage, Bamba give his listeners that hope and takes them on a journey back to the source. His music communicates a strong message of resilience, spirituality, hope and awareness. The sound Bamba promotes with his band is a new hybrid of hiphop, reggae and rock. Sometimes amplified, sometimes not. Bamba is currently working on his debut album March on Gamorah due out early 2010.