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  • Joel Sebunjo

    Joel Sebunjo, Uganda's folk- world music sensation is one of the most exciting & innovative musiciansto come out of East Africa in the recent years. He started playing traditional Ugandan instruments at a very young age , quickly paving his way into the Kampala musical circuit as session artist with read more
  • Joh Makini

    John Simon, aka Joh Makini hails from Arusha, a city with a highly credible "hard core" emergent Swahili hiphop scene. He has been involved in music since 1997 but it wasn't until 2004 that his name started to be spoken in almost reverential terms. This coincided with the release of read more
  • Jordan Adetunji

    Jordan Adetunji is a highly rated alternative hiphop artist and songwriter of Nigerian heritage living in Belfast, Northern Ireland.His energetic style and stage presence bring vibes and excitement to every performance. Adetunji and his bandmates are at the forefront of hiphop in Northern Ireland.They have been pushing the boundaries with read more
  • Jose Chameleone

    Born Joseph Mayanja, Chameleone is known for his stimulating live performances, and is revered as one of East Africa's most versatile, creative and crowd-pleasing artists. He is frequently in demand regionally and internationally. Chameleone has been nominated for Kora Awards, Golden Awards, MOBO Awards and has won two PAM (Pearl read more
  • Juhudi Taarab

    Established over 70 years ago, Juhudi Taarab is a Zanzibari treasure – a traditional taarab group with members hailing from all regions of Pemba. For nearly three generations, they have kept the taarab tradition alive and currently feature many celebrated artists and composers known throughout the region, such as Malik read more
  • Juma Nature & TMK Wanaume Halisi

    Juma Kassim Mohamed Kiroboto, aka Juma Nature, is one of East Africa's most talented and loved hiphop artists. His ability to play with words and creativity in composition and flowing "kighettoghetto" is something which most hiphop artists in the world fail to come close to. Nature is one of the read more