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  • Ifrikya Spirit


    Ifrikya Spirit’s music is rooted in Algeria, but open to the music of Africa and the world. The group spurs its Berber roots to explore and share new sounds and forms. 

    When musicians from 42 African countries converged on Algiers in 2009 for the Pan-African Festival, it was a major read more

  • Ithrene

     Ithrene hail from Oum El Bouaghi, in the East of Algeria. The group was created in 1992 by four brothers, Rabah, Yazid, Hichem and Mohsen Ferrah, together with friends Aziz Rabia, Zven and Ramzi Khelifi.

    Their music is electric in every sense, with sufficient charisma and energy to rock all read more

  • Jackie Akello

     Jackie Akello is a gifted singer/songwriter and performer from northern Uganda, who sings in Acholi, Luganda, Swahili and English. She has a richly textured organic voice that transverses easily between urban and local sounds.

    Akello is well known for several songs including "Amari" (a love ballad), "Samanya" (a gospel hit) read more

  • Lydol


    Nwafo Dolly Sorel, aka Lydol was born in Yaoundé in 1994. She got involved with music and culture whilst at secondary school. In 2010 she won a national competition in the slam category. From there, she started performing at the Goethe Institut, the Centre Culturel Camerounais and other venues read more

  • M'Toro Chamou


    M'Toro Chamou was born in Mayotte, in the Comoros archipelago. A singer-songwriter and guitarist, he is one of the emblematic figures of Mayotte music, with songs and messages that will leave their mark on Mayotte for generations into the future.


    M'Toro’s unique voice, powerful texts, and guitar read more

  • Mkubwa na Wanawe Crew

     Getruda A. Kisome, aka Ge2 is aged just 24 years and rapidly making a name for herself in the bongo flava scene. “I like Sauti za Busara festival” she says, “because it helps us get to know different artists from different countries and also promotes our culture internationally”. Ge2’s star read more