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  • Kijiji Family The Big Nation

    Kijiji Family The Big Nation started in 2004 and have been busy redefining the local "zenji flava" (Zanzibar hiphop) scene. They perform regularly in Zanzibar and have been invited to play in other parts of the country including Morogoro, Tanga and Dar es Salaam. In 2006 and 2007 they won read more
  • Kiki Kidumbaki

    Back in the 1950s and 60s many regions in Zanzibar including the streets of Stone Town had at least one taarab or kidumbak group. Sadly few remain. However, in the village of Mahonda, on the main road north from Zanzibar Town, since 1993 the KIKI Kidumbaki group has been alive read more
  • KIKI Taarab

    Kikundi cha Taarab Kizazi Kipya (KIKI) presents a new sound of orchestral taarab music, combining modern and acoustic instruments. They are from Mahonda district, around 25 miles north of Zanzibar town, and have come under the spotlight since Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA Zanzibar) recently opened a branch in Mahonda. read more
  • Kilimanjaro Band

    The Kilimanjaro Band was formed some thirty years ago in Tanga, a town on the Swahili coast of Tanzania. They began with the name The Love Bugs then performing mostly cover songs. The band later changed its name to The Revolutions and moved to Dar es Salaam where there was read more
  • Kilua Ngoma

    Before 1900, this ngoma was popular in Congo (now DRC) where it was used mainly for occasions such as marriage, traditional religious ceremonies and during other festivities. Later on it spread and became popular into other countries such as Tanzania, where in the first place it gained roots in regions read more
  • Kiumbizi

    The Kiumbizi group has been performing together since 1996. Featuring up to 20 men and women, they perform styles of traditional music and dance, which are unique and special to Pemba island. Kiumbizi is a kind of stick dance-meets-martial arts and Boso, a rhythmic circle dance. These ngoma styles date back read more