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  • Otentikk Street Brothers

    The history of the Mauritian reggae-creole group Otentikk Street Brothers begins in 1992. When hanging around in the streets of their hometown [[[Plaisance, a suburb of Rose-Hill]]], like many other youngsters around the globe the two brothers Bruno and Koeny Raya got infected with the hiphop virus, read more

  • Oudaden

    Oudaden, one of Morocco's mythical groups of the last twenty years, draws its inspiration from traditional Amazigh music. The group is passionately devoted to its roots, which they update into a lively music that enjoys the support of North African audiences since its early days, while more and more international read more

  • Oumar Konaté

    A prolific musician, Oumar Konaté is emerging as a leading young African guitar master and on track to become one of the new legends of singer-songwriters from Mali.

    Konaté performs constantly at festivals, clubs and private parties. He has accompanied many Malian artists on their concerts and recordings: Vieux read more

  • Owiny Sigoma Band

    In 2009, a handful of London-based musicians travelled to Nairobi in Kenya to collaborate with local musicians. It was a loose arrangement; there being no specific agenda other than to bring the musicians together, exchange ideas and enjoy the results.

    The traditional music of Kenya has not received the same read more

  • OY

    OY, initially a solo act, has become a duo made up of Joy Frempong (voc, electr.) and Lleluja-Ha (dr, arr, prod). Joy Frempong, the half Ghanaian and half Swiss multi versed vocalist is definitely one of a rare breed - at home in the left-of-center sound but gifted with a read more

  • Oya Theatre Group

    Opportunity for Young Artists (OYA) Theatre Group was formed two years ago under the guidance and direction of their charismatic leader Omari A Kosmas. Their major concerns are to improve the quality and creativity in the playing of Tanzanian traditional music, and to inspire and assist young upcoming artists. The read more