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Artists: Year > 2015
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  • Ifa Band

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres acoustic
    FestivalSauti za Busara: 2015

    Chaguo Langu (2014)

    Ifa Band feat Totoo ze Bingwa - Chaguo lang

    Ifa Band
    Ifa Band

    Jafari Rashid Igomba who is blind, is the founding member of Ifa Band. His love for music pulled him to regularly visit rehearsals of a local band Baba Toni in his home village of Ligama. This is where he learned to play acoustic guitar. In 2000 that band stopped performing and Jafari decided to move to Ifakara district in Morogoro region, where he met new friends who were also interested in music. Together they formed Ifa Band in 2002, and started performing around the town. Ifa is a nomadic band, moving from one place to another to entertain people wherever they can get paid. It is a street band with six young men, and music is their only source of income. It took them almost a month to reach Dar es Salaam from Ifakara, stopping to busk in one village to another, as they could not afford the direct bus fare. With their ferry tickets to Zanzibar and hotel rooms paid up front, at Sauti za Busara we?re sure to get an exciting musical treat!