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Artists: Year > 2017
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  • Kiumbizi

    The Kiumbizi group has been performing together since 1996. Featuring up to 20 men and women, they perform styles of traditional music and dance, which are unique and special to Pemba island. Kiumbizi is a kind of stick dance-meets-martial arts and Boso, a rhythmic circle dance. These ngoma styles date back read more
  • Kyekyeku

    Kyekyeku’s music derives from the traditional Ghanaian sounds of palmwine music, highlife and Afrobeat.  With his guitar, Kyekyeku carries a distinctive Ghanaian sound and image. Kyekyeku and his band of young musicians create a myriad of rhythmic grooves that ensure the dance floor is buzzing. His music looks more towards read more
  • Loryzine

    Since 2008, the band Loryzine has been performing a modern and dynamic version of traditional Maloya music. It represents the numerous colours and origins of the local population, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.   Maloya is traditional music, originally played by the slaves brought from East Africa and Madagascar. The read more
  • Madalitso Band

    Madalitso Band was discovered busking outside a shopping centre in 2009. Their vibrant playing, strong vocals and traditional style caught the attention of producer Emanuel Kamwenje who recorded their first album the same year. The band plays the babatone, a homemade instrument which is very popular in Malawi, and the four-string read more
  • Matona's G Clef Band

    The G Clef Taarab Orchestra performs regularly in the bars, dance halls, clubs and at weddings. In a drive to revive the variety of musical genres from the dhow countries region,  it demonstrates its musical versatility through genres such as modern taarab, mgodro, salege, chakacha, sega and mbiwi. The G Clef read more
  • Mcharuko Band

    Mcharuko is a young and talented band of students from Zanzibar’s Dhow Countries Music Academy.  They are a vibrant and upbeat band, as their name in Swahili suggests, playing different genres of music such as pop, jazz, taarab and fusion. The band formed in 2015 to perform regular free live read more