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  • Beni ya Polisi

    Country  Zanzibar
    Genres roots traditional
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2006
    Beni ya Polisi
    Beni ya Polisi

    There are many beni bands on the island but this group is one of the best, and a must for any festival. Beni turned the inspiration of colonial military brass bands into a completely local thing, by bringing it into the realm of song and dance competitions. Played mostly at weddings and other celebrations, there are two main styles. One is in the form of a street procession that traditionally accompanies the sending of the bride's belongings to the place where the newly-weds are going to live. The other is a women's dance where the wedding guests do a circle dance around the band with solo dancers or pairs of dancers entering the centre for special hip-gyrating routines. The lead trumpet gives the cues for new songs and all participants join in for the chorus.


    Acknowledgements: Werner Graebner, liner notes from Zanzibar: Soul & Rhythm