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Artists: Year > 2006
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  • Mandojo & Domokaya

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres bongo flava hiphop pop urban
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2006
    Mandojo & Domokaya
    Mandojo & Domokaya

    Mandojo started his music career as a very young boy in Manyoni district, Singida region with the Mighty Melodies band. His real name is Joseph Michael. During his primary school days he only had one pair of shoes called DOJO which he had to wear everyday and so other kids nicknamed him DOJOMAN, the name which later changed to MANDOJO.

    DOMOKAYA learned his music skills from his brother who was in the same group with TID, another big name in the Bongo flava map. His real name is Precious Juma Nkoma but because he was very talkative in school he was nicknamed DOMOKAYA.

    MANDOJO and DOMOKAYA met in Arusha in a Wamandavaku family camp, which is an independent artist's family. MANDOJO's melodies and DOMOKAYA's Ghetto raps made them decide to unite to form MANDOJO & DOMOKAYA.

    When Juma Nature was launching his Ugali album in Arusha, MANDOJO & DOMOKAYA performed as warm up artists. Both Juma Nature and Jay Moe were immediately impressed and decided to take them to receord at P Funk's studio (Bongo Records). They soon released their first single "Nikupe" which spent several months at the top of the charts of many radio stations in Tanzania.

    After their successful first single they signed a contract with JAG RECORDS owned by Gardner G. Habash and recorded their first album named Taswira.

    MANDOJO & DOMOKAYA have stamped their name in the Bongo flava arena due to their unique style, mixing acoustic guitar and melodies calling their style Hip Hop Banjo.

    The group has recently released another hit single called "Dingi" and they are working on their second album, to be released soon.