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  • Segere Original

    There are not many bands whose music has been so pervasive that a new genre has been named after them. Such is the case with Young Stars’ Segere - the 2001 hit song that lent its name to both the style and also the band.

     Segere is especially noteworthy read more

  • Seiyun Popular Arts Group

    Hadhramaut has a long history of association with the maritime routes between the Swahili Coast of Africa, the Arab World and India, absorbing centuries of musical and cultural influences. The music of this part of the Republic of Yemen is rich in rhythms and varieties of instruments with songs and read more

  • Sinachuki Kidumbak

    Music lovers everywhere are mourning the loss of legendary musician Makame Faki Makame, who died in Zanzibar, on January 18, 2020, at the age of 77.

    Makame Faki needs no introduction, being one of Culture Musical Club's most revered singer-songwriters of Zanzibari taarab music. With his own read more

  • Sisi Tambala

    Since their formation in 1997 this group has been receiving wide critical acclaim for their originality in reinterpreting traditional Tanzanian music and dance styles into their own "ngwashala" style. They sing in a variety of tribal languages, English and Kiswahili, portraying messages of African unity and peace as well as read more

  • Stara Thomas

    Stara is fine example of the new generation of artists in Tanzanian modern music. She sings r'n'b, soul and zouk in Swahili language.


    Originally from Mwanza District, Stara began singing at the age of seven and whilst still at secondary school was performing on stage with other well established Tanzanian groups read more

  • Zein L’Abdin Trio

    Born on the island of Lamu, Kenya, the young Zein was surrounded by music as his father played host to the Arab traders. He started to play the oud in the 60s in Mombasa, and subsequently became akin to a musical father for the Kenyan taarab scene, with all the read more