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  • Madalitso Band

    Country  Malawi
    Genres traditional
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2017

    Fungo Lanyemba, 2009

    Naphiri - Madalitso Band

    Madalitso Band
    Madalitso Band

    Madalitso Band was discovered busking outside a shopping centre in 2009. Their vibrant playing, strong vocals and traditional style caught the attention of producer Emanuel Kamwenje who recorded their first album the same year.

    The band plays the babatone, a homemade instrument which is very popular in Malawi, and the four-string guitar, creating the traditional Malawi banjo sound.

    The babatone player works on the side as a "gardener" and the guitar player works as a "watchman" as required.

    Around Malawi they are revered as musical prophets.

    with thanks to Big Round Boat