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Artists: Genre > taarab
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  • Nyota Ndogo

    Born in Mombasa Kenya, Mwanaisha Abdallah aka Nyota Ndogo has been building an enthusiastic local and international fan base for her eclectic East African sound for the past decade. A powerful singer-songwriter and charismatic performer, she has a distinctly coastal yet modern and unique sound that deserves worldwide attention. Nyota's father read more
  • Rahat Zamaan Taarab Orchestra

    Nassor Amour Abdallah aka Cholo Ganun the founder of Rahat Zamaan Taarab Orchestra is renowned for his exceptional talent; he is the youngest professional ganun player in East Africa. In Sweden during 2003, Cholo Ganun won Best World Musician Award; of a hundred contestants, he was one of only two read more
  • Rajab Suleiman & Kithara

    Taarab music has defined Zanzibar's aural landscape for over a century, renowned for its lush mix of Arabic and western instruments, diva-worthy vocalizations, and allusive Swahili lyrics. The venerable and syncretic form is ambitiously renewed by Rajab Suleiman & Kithara. This lean and nimble group has uncovered the form's essential read more
  • Sanaa Taarab

    Sanaa Taarab was born in 1983, after the then Zanzibar Ballet group stopped its activities. In its early years the group managed to perform by borrowing equipment from Culture Musical Club, with whom they have a long and positive relationship. Currently the group has twenty artists who are employed by read more
  • Seiyun Popular Arts Group

    Hadhramaut has a long history of association with the maritime routes between the Swahili Coast of Africa, the Arab World and India, absorbing centuries of musical and cultural influences. The music of this part of the Republic of Yemen is rich in rhythms and varieties of instruments with songs and read more
  • Siti & the Band

    Siti & The Band are musical change makers. They blend traditional sounds of Zanzibar taarab music with contemporary rhythms including jazz, funk and reggae and personal influences from their daily lives. Amina Omar, aka Siti Amina and her band were greatly inspired by Siti bint Saad and Bi Kidude, the mothers read more