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Artists: Year > 2009
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  • Rachel Magoola

    Rachel Magoola, born of music teacher parents, started singing at an early age. She joined the school choir aged seven and sang throughout her youth both at school and her local church. Rachel trained as a music teacher and taught for eleven years at Namasagali College, a secondary school and read more
  • Safar

    Safar is an Arabic word which translates as a journey. DCMA Zanzibar's Safar is a group that reflects the diversity of musical styles found in the context of the Dhow Countries. Afrobeat, ngoma, taarab and Arabic music are blended in a special experience without dominating one another. The musicians are read more
  • Samba Mapangala & Orchestra Virunga

    When 20-year-old singer Samba Mapangala boarded the riverboat for Kisangani in 1975, little did he know where it would really be taking him. The young vocalist, one of a quartet of singers in the Kinshasa dance band Saka Saka, was heading with his mates for a tour of Eastern Zaire. read more
  • Sansa Troupe

    Sansa Troupe is a cultural organisation based in Kampala, comprised of youths of school-going age who are talented in the performing arts. In Uganda, sansa is the name given to a thumb piano (limba in Tanzania; mbira in Zimbabwe) - one of the traditional instruments that is used across most read more
  • Segere Original

    There are not many bands whose music has been so pervasive that a new genre has been named after them. Such is the case with Young Stars’ Segere - the 2001 hit song that lent its name to both the style and also the band.  Segere is especially noteworthy for read more
  • Swahili Encounters

     During the week leading up to the festival, Busara Promotions works in collaboration with Zanzibar’s Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA), offering a treasured space for invited participants to meet and create new music. Over four days the artists experiment, develop and rehearse new compositions, or reinterpret songs from the Swahili-speaking read more