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Artists: Year > 2010
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  • Mim Suleiman

    Soulful, soaring, deep, and divine, Mim's presence and music is a blessing. Mim Suleiman has been described as a pint sized performer with a planet sized personality. She sings Afro-beat mixed with global fusion, mostly in her native Swahili, with occasional detours into English and other languages such as Fulani. Mim read more
  • Mzungu Kichaa

    Danish born Mzungu Kichaa has spent much of his childhood living in Africa, and this is where he has transformed himself into Mzungu Kichaa which means something along the lines of ‘the crazy white man’.   Mzungu Kichaa plays a version of bongo flava - an urban music that blends reggae, read more
  • Nyota Ndogo

    Born in Mombasa Kenya, Mwanaisha Abdallah aka Nyota Ndogo has been building an enthusiastic local and international fan base for her eclectic East African sound for the past decade. A powerful singer-songwriter and charismatic performer, she has a distinctly coastal yet modern and unique sound that deserves worldwide attention. Nyota's father read more
  • Shirikisho Sanaa Group

    During 2005 two young and talented Tanzanian artists Mussa Ramadhan and Juma Ally came up with the idea of forming a traditional dance group as a means of creating self employment. They brought together a group of five men and three women. Playing a variety of ngoma styles mostly from read more
  • Simba & Brown Band

    Let Simba take you on a journey that is going to blow you away, with a mix of jazz, afro beats, rock, hiphop and funk. Through his music, he talks about living in Mozambique through sixteen years of peace and democracy, allowing young people to follow their dreams. Simba, an intelligent read more
  • Sinachuki Kidumbak

    Music lovers everywhere are mourning the loss of legendary musician Makame Faki Makame, who died in Zanzibar, on January 18, 2020, at the age of 77. Makame Faki needs no introduction, being one of Culture Musical Club's most revered singer-songwriters of Zanzibari taarab music. With his own Sinachuki Kidumbak read more