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  • Mwahiyerani

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres traditional
    FestivalSauti za Busara: 2015

    Mwahiyerani Group @ MaKuYa Festival 2013 - trailer


    Mwahiyerani is a traditional dance group based in Mchauru Juu Village, Mtwara region. Their style is of the Makua ethnic group found both in southern Tanzania and northern Mozambique. This style was originally performed only by elders and in secret places, since the 1920s. Now it is performed openly and majority of Mwahiyerani's current members are young boys and men aged between 5 - 40 years. Typically, the group performs during cultural celebrations including initiation ceremonies. Mwahiyerani has 30 active members but for 'away' shows they can reduce to 15 participants, of which five will be musicians and percussionists. Most songs are about celebrating acts of courage and other local rituals.