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  • Mabantu Africa

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres traditional fusion hiphop bongo flava
    Website www.wakupetimusic.blogspot.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara: 2015

    Muziki wa Sasa (2013); Nimuite Nani (2014); Kabla Jua Kuzama (2014)

    MaBaNtU njoo hUkU directed by abou the deal

    Mabantu Africa
    Mabantu Africa

    Mabantu Africa band was formed by two young Tanzanians, Creator and Twaah aged 16 and 17. Both are blessed with strong talents in composing and performing music. Originally from Nachingwea village in the Mtwara Region, they started by singing in their primary school choir. Whilst still young, they ran away from the village and fled to Dar es Salaam, in search of brighter opportunities. But life in the big city was not as they'd imagined; survival was tough with no place to stay, no food and no money. Eventually they decided to apply to join Mkubwa na Wanawe children's centre, established by Said Fela, a well-known music promoter in order to develop their talents.
    The Mkubwa na Wanawe centre gave the youngsters the breathing space they needed, whilst watching and learning how to negotiate life in the city. In 2013 they decided to withdraw from the Centre and start their own group. Thus Mabantu Africa was born, with Creator and Twaah more confident in music and travelling to different regions of Tanzania to perform. They chose the name Mabantu out of respect for a prominent tribe in the Mtwara region where Makonde people are innovative in the arts. Mabantu Africa are now operating under Wakupeti Music Recordz (WMB). Like most of their peers in Tanzania's bongo flava scene, Mabantu Africa usually perform playback. They are now busy rehearsing with a band for a rare and special performance at Sauti za Busara 2015, 100% live!