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  • Sukiafrica Sukiyaki Allstars

    Country  Pan Africa Far East
    Genres band fusion
    Website www.sukiyaki.cc
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2011

    Chiwoniso: Ancient Voices (2003), Timeless (2006), Rebel Women (2009)

    Peter Solo: Miadome (2006)

    Erik Aliana: Just Africa (2005)

    Chang Jaehyo: Barame Soop (2008)

    Sakaki Mango: Limba Train (2006), Limba Rock (2008)

    Ndana: Sound of Africa (2006), Inochi no Uta (2009)

    SUKIAFRICA Sukiyaki Allstars "SUKIAFRICA" (song by Erik Aliana)

    Sukiafrica Sukiyaki Allstars
    Sukiafrica Sukiyaki Allstars

    Three rising stars from Africa and three leaders of Asian music-renewal merge their creativity into a unique performance; singing, dancing and forging a new musical relationship between these two continents. The idea to create a new artistic collaboration between artists from Africa (Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Togo) and Asia (Korea, Japan) was first born during the Japanese festival “Sukiyaki Meets The World”.


    Sukiafrika is a special unit composed by vocalist and mbira player Chiwoniso from Zimbabwe, guitarist Peter Solo from Togo, Erik Aliana from Cameroon on guitar and vocals, and three new talents from Asia: vocalist and central Tanzania thumb pianist Sakaki Mango and percussionists Ndana from Japan and Chang Jaehyo from Korea. After many meetings and rehearsals, summer 2010 saw members gathering in Japan to practice and prepare the last details of their performance. They then went on to perform at the 20th anniversary of the "Sukiyaki Festival" and then tour Japan and Korea's biggest events until September 2010. Their appearance in Sauti za Busara 2011 is part of the Sukiyaki Sukiafrika Africa tour where their electric live show will light up the stages of Zimbabwe, South Africa and Swaziland.

    With thanks to the Japan Foundation
    With thanks to the Japan Foundation