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  • Elemotho

    Country  Namibia
    Genres pop roots
    Website www.elemotho.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2009

    The System is a Joke

    ELEMOTHO (Namibia), performing at Fuerth Festival, Germany 9.July 2011


    Elemotho Gaalelekwe Richardo Mosimane is a Namibian born musician who composes, records and plays his own music. Elemotho plays acoustic guitar and sings in his mother-tongue Setswana as well as other Namibian languages.


    Through his music, Elomotho turns oppression into liberation and failure into triumph, where past, present and future is delivered through his melodies. By the unstoppable force of music he is able to transmit feelings and ideas that challenge the status quo and leave no stone unturned.

    "Music is many things for many people. There are many ingredients to the music I make. From roots to dreams, hopes to fears... I like to paint a picture where chords are not just tangible but energy is felt and words carry a power beyond bullets and hunger".

    From rural boy to modern lyricist this artist has succeeded to divorce himself from the more prevalent commercial and easily consumable sounds by using experimental ideas where reality is amplified through his vision of music.

    "Story telling around the fire is what I grew up with, so when I realised I was tired of performing other people's music I wanted to create something that could make you dance as well as listen, smile as well as cry, find peace as well as wisdom."

    Elomotho's roots are in the Kalahari. He studied African philosophy and psychology at university. With support from the Franco Namibian Cultural Center (FNCC), Elemotho recorded a recent highly-accalaimed album "The System is a Joke". The album contains a feast of social commentary, a celebration of Namibian identity, the freedom of jazz and a healthy dose of African spirituality.


    With thanks to National Arts Council of Namibia