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  • Les Frères Sissoko

    Bao and Sadio Sissoko were born in Senegal to a griot family. Following in the footsteps of the Sissoko family both brothers have been learning kora since the age of seven at first by observing their father’s playing as he was accompanied by their mother, a traditional singer. For a read more
  • Liza Kamikazi and band

    Liza Kamikazi is a singer, composer and actor. She did her theatre training at the Centre of the Arts at the National University of Rwanda, where she also completed a degree in Communications. In 2013 Liza pre-launched her album Iwacu back home. In February the same year she performed with read more
  • Loryzine

    Since 2008, the band Loryzine has been performing a modern and dynamic version of traditional Maloya music. It represents the numerous colours and origins of the local population, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.   Maloya is traditional music, originally played by the slaves brought from East Africa and Madagascar. The read more
  • Lulu Abdalla

    Lulu Abdalla is a musician and music teacher from Kenya. He started his career in 2006, playing ngoma drums for traditional dancers before switching to guitar and singing. His debut album ‘Thembassa’ was released in 2014. This included two songs that were nominated for the All African Music Awards categories read more
  • Lumumba Theatre

    Lumumba Theatre is a group of talented singers, dancers, actors, choreographers and musicians, based in Dar es Salaam. The group was established in 1997 by Director Dyuto Komba when he brought together talented students of Lumumba Primary School. Still based at the school, in the Mnazi Mmoja area of the read more
  • Lydol

      Nwafo Dolly Sorel, aka Lydol was born in Yaoundé in 1994. She got involved with music and culture whilst at secondary school. In 2010 she won a national competition in the slam category. From there, she started performing at the Goethe Institut, the Centre Culturel Camerounais and other venues around read more