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  • Street Rat and Body Mind & Soul

    Country  Malawi
    Genres reggae pop
    Website /streetrat2009
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2014

    Kwacha Malawi 2008; Ndikamanga Pandekha 2012

    Body, Mind & Soul- Mazgoghakulu

    Street Rat and Body Mind & Soul
    Street Rat and Body Mind & Soul

    Body Mind & Soul is a seven piece band based in Mzuzu, North of Malawi. The band is led by Davie Luhanga, commonly known as Street Rat. It started in the year 2005, as Souls of the Ghetto, playing Reggae music. We won several local awards such as Kuche Kuche Music award, and participated in festivals such as, Hippy Festival, Lake of Stars since it started, Zanzibar Film Festival and Maracas Festival. In 2006, the band felt a stronger connection pulling it towards Malawian roots, we reflected on the importance of sharing the ancient culture in modern times.


    After much thought and experimentation we created the new musical concept that we are calling 'Voodjazz'. It is a subtle mix of traditional rhythms with a jazzy feel which is a musical bridge between Malawian cultures past and present. The first International recognition for the band came in May 2007, when we won the Music Crossroads Southern Africa Inter-regional Festival in Harare, Zimbabwe. We toured Spain, Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, Croatia, Ireland and Austria. We performed in big European festivals, such as, Couleur Cafe, Belgium; Junction Festival, Ireland; Mundial Festival, Holland; Africa Oye, UK and London Festival of Architecture, UK.


    Body Mind and soul has a new album titled Ndikamanga Pandekha recorded in Lilongwe at the Music Crossroads Studio - Music for Life.All music is written and composed by Davie Luhanga.

    The music is in several languages such as, Chichewa - the Malawi National language; Kyangonde - the language from the far north of Malawi close to Tanzania; Tumbuka - the language for the north of Malawi; and English.The band is composed of: Nulo Mwale - Drummer; Evans Makupe - Key boards & Backing vocals; Kennedy Phiri - Lead Guitar, rhythm & Backing vocals; Makson Banda - Persussion & Backing vocals; Marson Nkhata - Bass Player; Davie Luhanga - Lead Vocalist & Percussions; Happy Nyirenda - Rythm Guitar WHY BODY MIND & SOUL?

    This is the question most people ask! I) Body Mind & Soul music is good for your body because you can danceII) The mind can concentrate on the musical arrangements and the complicated time of African musicIII) The Voodjazz satisfies your soul and can take you anywhere - even where you have never been before. VOODJAZZ is truly food for your BODY MIND & SOUL!