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  • Sika Kokoo

    Deriving its name from the abundance of gold in their native country Ghana, as well as the yellow colour in its flag, the phenomenal Sika Kokoo band includes eight musicians who play trumpet, trombone, drums, percussion, guitars and keyboards. Their unique approach and interpretation of Ghanaian folklore, vintage funk and afrobeats read more
  • Maallem Abdelkebir Merchane

    Maallem Abdelkebir Merchane began studying the art of gnaoui at the age of nine, participating in many lila spiritual gatherings. His masters, Mohamed El Ayachi Bakbou Sam and Hmida Boussou initiated him into the purest form of the Tagnaouite tradition, and his current style includes Marsaoui and Marrakech. He has released read more
  • Sandra Nankoma

    Sandra Nankoma is a singer-songwriter and graduate of fine arts from Uganda. Her distinctive vocals cover jazz, soul music and ballads with a unique identity that breaks codes and pushes boundaries. In 2017, Nankoma was awarded Best Artist, Africa and the Caribbean by the Visa Pour la Creation project. This led read more
  • Yugen Blakrok

    A sorceress who casts hexes with words and sound waves, Yugen Blakrok grew up in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. Influenced by the political, militant and spiritual aspects of hiphop, her music is a deep lyrical and audio odyssey into the world around us, both seen and unseen. Gaining recognition through various read more
  • Siti Muharam

    Almost a century ago, Zanzibari singer Siti Binti Saad reimagined what had been formal court music into a private form of improvisation, laced with a spirit of inclusivity that combined Arabic and Swahili lyrics. In doing so, she paved the way for other female taarab singers, including Bi Kidude. In turn, read more
  • Milton Gulli

    Gulli’s music has always been about the people and for the people. Empowerment of the underprivileged, equality, justice, education for all and a world without borders. Of Mozambican descent, Milton Gulli was born and raised in the suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal. He has also lived in Saudi Arabia, Madeira and Mozambique. read more